Recent trends in CFRP development: Increased usage in European vehicles

BMW shows new technology, German companies jointly develop new plastic forming processes



 An increasing number of European automakers are applying Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) to their production vehicles. In 2013, BMW launched the i3 Series of vehicles, followed by the i8 Series in 2014, as the first production models that featured the carbon fiber monocoque body. The company has also announced plans to apply carbon fiber as well as aluminum to the basic structure of its core model, the 7 Series, slated for launch in 2016. Advanced development is also underway at Mercedes-Benz and Audi toward the adoption of CFRP in their production vehicles as the pillar of weight reducing technologies.

 Reported below is the interview on recent trends of CFRP in Germany with Mr. Yasujiro Uemura who represents GSI Creos Corporation and is well-versed in CFRP production engineering. GSI Creos sells high-performance press machine imported from Dieffenbacher GmbH, a leading German manufacturer of equipment, and resin molding machines imported from KraussMaffei. GSI Creos is in the course of exploring CFRP businesses.

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