TU-Automotive Detroit 2015: Opportunities in vehicle connectivity

Utilizing the potential of connected systems to benefit companies, individuals, and society



TU-Automotive Detroit exhibition floor
TU-Automotive Detroit exhibition floor

 The 2015 TU-Automotive Detroit exhibition was held from June 3 through June 4, 2015, in Novi, Michigan, U.S. Over 3,000 people attended the two-day exhibition, which featured three main focus areas in its exhibition area and discussion sessions: telematics, mobility, and autonomous vehicles. Despite the introduction of mobility and autonomous themes for the first time in this year's exhibition, much of the exhibition floor area and sessions still emphasized telematics and connectivity, often with multiple presentations on the topic running concurrently.

 This report focuses on the opportunities and their associated considerations that the connected vehicle provides to businesses, customers, and society. Examples of such opportunities include the following:

  • Performing diagnostics and identifying vehicle failures, which can then inform drivers to return to a dealership for repairs, thus providing a revenue stream for a dealership

  • Providing information on road conditions to the cloud, which then transmits the information to other vehicles and to regional traffic authorities

  • Reducing traffic congestion by providing parking occupancy information for on-street parking

 This report is the second of three reports which focuses on the discussion sessions presented at TU-Automotive Detroit. The first report provided an overview of ideas and concepts related to autonomous vehicles. A third report will be released in the future discussing issues on improving infotainment systems and services.

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