Auto Shanghai 2015 (Part 3): SUVs and concept vehicles

Chinese SUV boom evidenced by models on display




Auto Shanghai 2015
Exhibition Hall 5
Venue of the Auto Shanghai 2015. Exhibition Hall 5 with Audi, VW and other OEMs.

 Parts 1 and 2 of the report from Auto Shanghai 2015 focused on the plug-in hybrids (PHVs) and hybrid vehicles (HVs). This final report focuses on the Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and concept cars that were exhibited by various OEMs.

 Green cars such as PHVs and HVs held center stage at the show. Also in the spotlight were the SUVs that are making a boom in China.

 Mercedes-Benz announced the GLC Coupe, an SUV that shares design elements with the GLE. Volvo had a world premiere of the XC90T8 Excellence, a four-seat version of the X90 with a spacious cabin of a first-class aspiration. Among Japanese OEMs, Honda had a world premiere of its SUV concept, the Concept D.

 The local Chinese OEMs also exhibited a number of SUVs. Great Wall Motor Company exhibited the Haval("Red/Blue Logo Strategy") alongside the world premiere of two SUV concepts, Concept R and Concept B. SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile exhibited an SUV that was entirely developed locally by the company. Dongfeng Motor Corporation announced the AX3, a compact SUV designed especially for the post -1980 and post-1990 generations. BMW's joint venture brand Zinoro had a world premiere of the Zinoro Concept Next.

 Among other concept cars and other models that drew visitors' attention were the world premiere of the the Gran Santana, a station wagon and hatchback fusion exhibited by VW Group. General Motors attracted visitors with the Chevrolet-FNR Concept Car with much futuristic appeal. GM also premiered the Verano, a global strategic model. Ford premiered a flagship model produced in China exclusively for the Chinese market.

 Nissan had a world premiere of the Lannia sedan designed forthe Chinese youth. Nissan also exhibited the New Trend VOW sports car carrying the Venucia brand. SAIC, one of the largest OEMs in China, exhibited its own-brand second-generation autonomous driving car. GAC exhibited the Trumpchi GA8 while Geely exhibited the Emgrand Concept.

 To sum up, the Auto Shanghai 2015 had 109 world premieres, 47 concept cars, and 44 Asian premieres and drew roughly 928,000 visitors.

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 Reported below are the SUVs that are making a boom in China and were the second limelighter of the motor show.