Auto Shanghai 2015 (Part 2): PHVs by Japanese, Chinese and Korean OEMs

Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid concepts shown along with Toyota and Nissan hybrid production models



Auto Shanghai 2015
Auto Shanghai 2015
Venue of the Auto Shanghai 2015.
Exhibition Hall 2 occupied by Chinese OEMs.

 Part 1 of the report on the Auto Shanghai 2015 introduced plug-in hybridmodels exhibited by European and American OEMs. This second report focuses on the plug-n hybrid vehicles(PHVs) and hybird vehicles (HVs)exhibited by Chinese, Japanese and Korean OEMs.

 Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), the largest OEM in China, announced a new powertrain strategy at the auto show held in home market. SAIC exhibited the Roewe 550 PHV based on the new strategy. China FAW Group Corporation exhibited a PHV carrying the Hongqi brand commonly associated with the China-made limousine. Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group (GAC) unveiled the GA5 REV, a range-extended PHV.

 BYD Company Limited, the leading name in PHV market in China, unveiled the Song compact SUV and the Yuan subcompact SUV. Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. unveiled a PHV carrying its own brand as well as a PHV developed by Qoros, a joint venture co-established with an Israeli holding company. Hyundai Motor, a Korean OEM, exhibited a PHV powered by a diesel engine.

 Among the Japanese OEMs, Mitsubishi Motors exhibited two plug-in hybrid concepts. It was the only Japanese OEM that exhibited PHVs at the show. Toyota unveiled production models of the Levin and Corolla HVs developed and to be produced locally in China. Nissan unveiled a hybrid version of its flagship SUV, the Murano HV.

 The unit sales of PHVs in China (local production) in 2014 were 29,715 units. Unit sales of the new-energy vehicles including the electric vehicles (EVs) were 74,763 units and those in large cities are expected to top 200,000 units in 2015.

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