European OEMs and suppliers plan to launch 48V hybrid systems after 2016

Automotive World 2015 presentations focus on improvements to fuel economy



 European OEMs and suppliers are working to commercialize 48V hybrid systems in 2016 and onward. The hybrid systems are being touted as technologies capable of achieving exceptional cost-performance and significant improvement in fuel economy. Bosch and Valeo both made presentations at the Automotive World 2015 on their respective 48V hybrid systems. The 48V hybrid systems, compared to high-voltage hybrids, are designed to boost or regenerate power from 10-15kW generator motors at lower cost. In addition, the systems reduce electric loss based on high-voltage electrification of heavy energy-consuming electric components such as cooling fans and EPS units. As a result, fuel economy is anticipated to improve fuel economy by 7% to 20%. Also, consideration is being given to the idea of combining various 48V technologies in order to further improve fuel economy. This report gives an outline of the special features of 48V power sources and the 48V hybrid systems under development, based on information provided during the two companies' presentations, .

Jochen Schaeferling
Jochen Schaeferling
BOSCH Product Management &Marketing Gasoline Systems

Michel Forissier
Michel Forissier
Valeo Research & Development and Marketing Director
Hybrid/Electric Strategy Diector

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