Autonomous Driving Technology: Telematics Japan 2014

Results of Mercedes-Benz tests; OEM commercialization timings



 This report gives a synopsis on some of the lectures that were given on autonomous driving at Telematics Japan 2014, which was held at the Hilton Tokyo on October 15th and 16th and sponsored by Telematics Update.

Included are:

* The roadmap for autonomous driving by Mercedes Benz, Nissan, and Honda, which envisions the reality of autonomous highway driving by 2020.

* Issues that Mercedes Benz faces in perfecting autonomous driving. The automaker's autonomous driving test conducted in 2013 proves that a high level of autonomous driving is possible, even under complex traffic conditions such as city driving.

* Initiatives for creating highly accurate map data needed for autonomous driving, presented by HERE, a European company that provides maps through cloud technology.

* Initiatives for providing information on autonomous driving based on using telematics, which includes a huge assortment of information; and for standardizing information globally.

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