ITS World Congress 2014: CTO plenary session overview

GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda and suppliers discuss future of ITS



 The 2014 ITS World Congress was held from September 7 through September 11, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. At the World Congress, various organizations gathered to share and present the latest innovations in ITS technologies. As more systems are being developed and introduced, the transportation industry is making significant progress towards transforming itself for the future.

 This report focuses on a plenary session featuring technology officers from major automakers and suppliers discussing the impact of ITS implementation and challenges that need to be resolved prior to market introduction. A future report will highlight the exhibits and technologies shown at the 2014 World Congress.

Session: Visions of ITS in 2025
Company Speaker Title
Continental Mr. Ralf Lenninger Senior Vice President, Interior Electronic Solutions
Texas Instruments Dr. Ahmad Bahai Chief Technology Officer
Visteon Mr. Tim Yerdon Global Director of Innovation
Ford Mr. James A. Buczkowski Director, Global Electrical/Electronic Systems Engineering
Toyota Ms. Kristen Tabar Vice President, Toyota Technical Center
Honda Mr. Frank Paluch President, Honda R&D Americas Inc.
General Motors Mr. Jon Lauckner Chief Technology Officer

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