Beijing Auto Show 2014: Japanese, European & American green vehicles

Toyota, Daimler-BYD, Audi and Volvo display models in various stages of development



 This is the second report on the 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition which was held in April 2014. This report focuses on the 15 new-energy vehicles (including 7 concept cars) that were exhibited by 9 Japanese, European and American OEMs: Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Volkswagen, Daimler, PSA, BMW, Volvo Car and TESLA. The exhibited models include 5 plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs), 7 hybrid vehicles (HVs) and 3 electric vehicles (EVs).

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A list of new-energy vehicles (HV, PHV, EV) exhibited at Beijing Auto Show 2014

OEM Local production
OEMs and brands
Models Notes
(● stands for a concept car)
Toyota Lexus: NX 300h (HV) To be imported (in the 2nd half of 2014)
Tianjin FAW Toyota Toyota 11th Corolla Hybrid Local production to start in 2015;
a gasoline-fueled model was displayed this year.
GAC Toyota            Levin Hybrid
Nissan Dongfeng Nissan
Passenger Vehicles
Venucia e30 (EV) Local production started
(To be released in Sep. 2014)
Honda Honda: Concept B (HV)                             ●
Local production to start in 2016
Acura Acura: RLX SH-AWD (HV) To be imported in Aug. 2014
VW VW: Golf GTE concept (PHV) To be imported in 2015
Audi Audi: TT Offroad Concept (PHV)
Bentley Bentley: Hybrid concept (PHV)
Daimler BYD-Daimler
Denza: EV 2box To be produced at the Shenzhen plant
(To be released in Sep. 2014)
PSA Citroen Citroen: CACTUS concept (HV)
Peugeot Peugeot: EXALT concept (PHV)
BMW BMW: Vision Future Luxury concept (HV)
Volvo Car Volvo: S60L plug-in hybrid concept
TESLA TESLA: Model S (EV) Import and sales started in Apr. 2014
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