SAIC Motor's brand strategies and operations

Goal of 2.4 million Chinese-made vehicles sold in 2015




 SAIC Motor Corporation, Ltd. has set its 2015 sales target at over 6 million units. As of April 2104, the SAIC Group has capacities to produce 6 million vehicles per year. In order to achieve the target, SAIC will expand its own-brand business in China, including MG, Roewe, Wuling, BaoJun, Yuejin, and Maxus. Simultaneously, the company will promote export of own-brand cars, which has a significant room to expand sales, and sales activities supported by local production.
This report summarizes SAIC's operation policy for its own-brand business , sales plan for all vehicles, model plan for own-brand cars, activities related to its own-brand commercial vehicle business, and global expansion of the own-brand business.

Note:   "Own brands" in this report include both of the following: 1) SAIC Group's own brands such as Roewe and Yuejin; 2) Joint venture (JV) brands like BaoJun, developed with its foreign partners.

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