Toyota to introduce active safety systems on mass-market vehicles in 2015

Advanced driving support system, AHDA, will be available in mid-2010s



Crown Majesta F version
Crown Majesta "F version" featuring the new pre-crash safety system (millimeter-wave radar type) introduced at the end of 2012

 This report specifies Toyota's plan to increase the availability of active safety systems in its vehicles. Toyota has been a leader in the field of crash preventive safety technologies, since it became the world's first automaker to adopt pre-crash safety technologies in its vehicles in 2003. However, the automaker lags behind other automakers in adopting such technologies in low-priced, mass-market models. Recently, the European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) has decided to incluce  autonomous emergency braking  in its safety ratings starting in 2014. Accordingly, Japan New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP) is considering taking the same action. Under these circumstances, Toyota plans to introduce two types of active safety systems: one for premium models, and the other for mass-market models starting in 2015. In the mid-2010s, Toyota will also introduce an advanced driving support system, Automated Highway Driving Assist (AHDA), which uses automated driving technologies.

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