VW's trends in China (Part 1): Production set to expand significantly through 2017

Capacity plans for cars and powertrains reflect continued growth in the region



VW's PC production volume in China and of its shares Volkswagen Group of Germany including Audi and SKODA, Germany, has been steadily increasing its passenger car (PC) market share in China since 2010 (on the wholesale/factory shipment basis), achieving 18% in the January-September 2013 period and approaching to the 2020 target of 20%.

 In September 2013, VW predicted the overall passenger car demand in China in 2020 as approx. 20 million units. The company then set its market share target as 20% on the wholesale/factory shipment basis, which is namely approx. four million units. This is twice as many as its sales target for 2018 announced in VW Group China's "Strategy 2018," its mid-term business plan for China launched in February 2009.

 This report compiles the latest developments of VW Group China's local production of complete passenger cars and powertrains such as engines and transmissions.

 MarkLines plans to issue shortly the second report on VW Group China's business plans and latest trends in sales operations.


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