Toyota Aqua (Prius c) teardown: Part 1

Part suppliers and battery components



Toyota Aqua
Toyota Aqua exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011
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 Disassembly of Toyota's New Aqua Hybrid (dubbed "Prius c" in the U.S.) was performed on November 6-7 at the maintenance shop of the Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology (SIAT) in Ina, Kita Adachi Gun, Saitama Prefecture. The event was organized for public viewing by the Saitama Automotive Industry Support Center.

 The first day of the two-day event was spent for removing the power control unit (PCU) affixed with a boost converter (located under the engine hood), the drive unit (consisting of the engine and the hybrid transaxle), drive battery and associated components located under the rear seat. On the second day, the hybrid transaxle and the PCU were disassembled and other components were separated from the engine room.

 Reported below (Part 1) is a summary of the key component suppliers and battery-related components. The drive unit and the PCU with a boost converter will be introduced under "Toyota Aqua (Prius c) teardown: Part 2" as soon as it is ready.


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