EV/HV/PHV launch plans by Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi and Suzuki

Nissan to introduce new EVs and front-wheel drive HVs; Honda plans a three-motor HV



 Reported below is a summary of launch plans of EV (Electric vehicle), HV (Hybrid electric vehicle), and PHV (Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) by Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi and Suzuki. Technologies addressing higher deceleration energy regeneration for increasing fuel efficiency are also reported along with the vehicle launch plans.

 Nissan plans to increase its global sales of the Leaf EV from 23,000 units sold in FY2011 to 40,000 units in FY2012. Despite a speculation that rapid market penetration of the electric vehicles is unlikely, Nissan is set to keep its original plan of selling 1.5 million units in total, including Renault vehicles, by FY2016. Nissan expects a sales expansion period of the Leaf EV to start in 2013 and will start production of the Leaf in the US in the second half of 2012 and in the UK in 2013. Nissan's EV lineup will include two Infiniti-branded EV models in 2014 and the e-NV200 and e-NT400 electric commercial vehicles in 2014 to 2015.

 Nissan's one-motor/two-clutch HV system for rear-wheel drive vehicles is used in the Fuga and the Cima. The company plans to make the system for front-wheel drive HVs as well in 2013 to boost the total sales volume. Nissan also plans to develop PHV adopting the one-motor/two-clutch system.

 In August 2012, Nissan's "S-Hybrid" system, developed to improve fuel efficiency by increasing the amount of energy regeneration, was introduced with the Serena minivan.

 Honda will make its two-motor HV system available with the US version Accord, in addition to the existing one-motor HV system. The company plans to develop a three-motor system dubbed "Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system" and make it available with the NSX and the Acura RLX, and also with the successor model to the Legend slated for launch in Japan in 2014.

 Honda will increase production of its EVs and HVs in areas outside of Japan. The company has started production of the Acura ILX HV in the US and of the Jazz (the Fit in Japan) HV in Thailand in 2012. The NSX will be produced in the US.

Nissan's Infiniti Etherea concept
Nissan's Infiniti Etherea concept has double swing doors and no B-pillar and is fitted with a front-wheel drive HV system.

Honda's Acura NSX concept
Honda's Acura NSX concept, fitted with a three-motor HV system, will be developed and produced in the US.

 Mitsubishi is launching a mini-truck EV and the Outlander PHV in FY2012. The company will launch seven more electrified vehicle models during FY2014 to FY2016 to expand its lineup.

 In September 2012, Suzuki launched the new Wagon R featuring newly-developed deceleration energy regeneration technologies called ENE-CHARGE and ECO-COOL. According to Suzuki, these technologies have achieved JC08 mode fuel efficiency of 28.8 km/liter.

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