Features on new Hyundai/Kia vehicles: advanced active safety systems on Kia K9

Increasing use of direct-injection engines; introduction of a newly-developed 8-speed AT



Reported below is an overview of the availabilities of major equipment, and engines and transmissions on the seven new models released from Hyundai-Kia Group (Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation) during about one year starting in the summer of 2011. The seven new models include new and remodeled versions and two that are significantly upgraded.

 Concerning the availability of major features, Kia uses multiple advanced active safety systems and drive assists in its new flagship sedan, the K9. Hyundai uses newly-developed driving stability features and equipment that enhances riding comfort in the Santa Fe midsize crossover SUV and the i40, which is its first D-segment model developed for Europe.

 With regard to the availability of engines and transmissions, Hyundai and Kia have increasingly used direct-injection gasoline engines. They have also made increasingly available direct-injection turbo engines that combine direct-injection technology and a turbocharger. As for transmissions, a newly-developed 8-speed AT is adopted in the Genesis Coupe and the Kia K9.

Kia K9
New Kia K9 flagship sedan ((C) Response)
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New models that Hyundai/Kia launched in the summer of 2011 or later

Segment Brand Model Outline
B Hyundai New i20  The New i20 was launched in the spring of 2012. The model is a B-segment hatchback developed for Europe (launched in 2008) with a facelift. It is the first B-segment model that adopts Hyundai's new design language - 'fluidic sculpture'. The model also upgraded the powertrain and equipment.
C Hyundai New i30  The New i30 is the second-generation of the model that Hyundai's European division developed for Europe. A 5-door hatchback was launched at the beginning of 2012 and a wagon in July. The model adopts 'fluidic sculpture'. It is produced at the plant in the Czech Republic. The sales target is 120,000 units a year.
Kia New cee'd  The New cee'd is a second-generation 5-door hatchback and wagon developed for Europe. The first-generation model was launched in 2007. The second-generation is also produced at the plant in Slovakia. The model shares the platform with Hyundai i30.
D Hyundai New Santa Fe  The New Santa Fe is a third-generation of midsize crossover SUV. It adopts 'fluidic sculpture'. It is a 2-row, 5-seat model. A 3-row, 7-seat model with a longer wheelbase is newly made available. In the US, Hyundai started marketing a 2-row, 5-seat model as the Santa Fe Sport in August 2012 and will release a 3-row, 7-seat model as the Santa Fe in January 2013.
Genesis Coupe
 The New Genesis Coupe is a coupe model of Hyundai's first rear-wheel-drive sedan, the Genesis. Hyundai gave a significant facelift to the first-generation model launched in 2008 and launched the new model in Korea at the end of 2011 and in North America at the beginning of 2012.
i40  The i40 is a midsize sedan and a wagon based on the platform of the New Sonata, which was launched in 2009. The model is Hyundai's first D-segment vehicle that it developed for Europe. It adopts 'fluidic sculpture'. A wagon model was launched in July 2011 and a sedan in fall.
E Kia K9  The K9 is Kia's new flagship sedan. It is Kia's first rear-wheel-drive sedan and adopts the platform of Hyundai's large sedan, the Equus. The overall length is 5090mm. With the K9 as a high-end model, Kia plans to compete with BMW and M-Benz models. The K9 was launched in Korea in May 2012. Kia will also introduce the model as 'Quoris' in overseas markets starting in the fourth quarter of 2012, expecting to launch it in North America in the middle of 2014.