Navigation systems and smartphones: innovative and convenient

Collaboration between navigation systems and smartphones to be promoted for enhanced user experience



 An automotive navigation system (car navigation system) debuted as a satellite navigation system that locates the user on a road using a GPS device and a digital map. The introduction of telematics technologies that followed based on mobile phones did much to revolutionize the navigation system in terms of functions. Today's car navigation system is somewhat like a mobile device capable of "cloud-computing" and social networking services as well.

 Smartphones (iPhones, Android-based models, etc.) are mobile communication devices first introduced in the latter half of the 2000s and are spreading very rapidly. Some of the newest models are designed to communicate with car navigation systems.

 The auto industry regards smartphone services exceptionally irresistible and is opting for (1) data sharing, (2) functional integration, or even (3) dependence on smartphones.

 Forms of potential collaboration between car navigation systems and smartphone services are uncertain at present although efforts toward "enhanced user convenience" will follow rapidly with smartphone services made available on car navigation systems or on audio equipment having a display.

 The following illustrates the trends of navigation systems and smartphones primarily in Japan.

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