Beijing Motor Show 2012 (3): Changan Automobile, BAIC, GAC, and Fujian Motor

Changan's first midsize high-end sedan and SUV; BAIC's new models based on Saab's platform



 This is the third report on the Beijing Motor Show 2012 (2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition: Auto China 2012), held from April 25 to May 2, 2012 (press days are April 23 and 24). In this report, we summarize the exhibition of 26 new models (including seven new energy vehicles) by four Chinese state-run OEMs - Changan Automobile (Changan Automobile Group), BAIC Group (Beijing Motor Group), GAC Group (Guangzhou Automobile Group), and Fujian Motor (Fujian Motor Industry Group).

 Changan Automobile Group exhibited nine new models (including two new energy vehicles) including its first midsize high-end sedan, the Raeton, and the Changan CS35 SUV and the New Minyi (second-generation Minyi of its subsidiary, Hafei Motor).

 BAIC Group exhibited ten new models (including two new energy vehicles) including the C70GB, which is an EV sedan that it produces on a trial basis in 2012, and the C70G, which is the first model that adopts the M-trix platform that is based on the technology of the Saab 9-5/9-3. We also report products that were exhibited at the technology booth - the independently-developed M-trix new platform that is based on Saab, and "B-RE" range extender.

 GAC Group exhibited five models (including three new energy vehicles) including a new EV concept car and a first SUV under Trumpchi brand, the Trumpchi GS5, in the Trumpchi series and GAC Gonow Automobile's new off-road SUV, Gonow GX5.

 Fujian Motor exhibited two models including an A-class sedan that uses the platform of the Mitsubishi Lancer EX and a hatchback concept car of this model.

 We will report the exhibition of new models by foreign passenger car manufacturers including Japanese, US, European, and Korean makers in June 2012.

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Models exhibited by four state-owned Chinese OEMs

OEMs Models with new technology
and new energy vehicles
New commercially-available models
Changan Automobile
(including Hafei Motor)
* Changan E30 taxi (EV)
* Saibao E30 (EV)
* Changan: CS35, Eado, Raeton,
  Honor, Alsvin V5, Alsvin V3
* Hafei New Minyi
BAIC Group
(including Beiqi
Foton Motor)
* Beijing: C70GB (EV), E150 REEV
* B-RE (range extender)
* M-trix (platform)
* Beijing: C70G, C90L, C60F, C50E, C51X, E150
* Foton Tunland (sixth generation)
* B40
GAC Group
(including GAC
Changfeng Motor,
GAC Gonow)
* Trumpchi: E-Linker (EV),
  e-Trumpchi (REEV), Hybrid 4WD
* Trumpchi GS5
* Gonow Aoosed GX5
Fujian Motor
(including Soueast Motor)
No new model exhibited * Soueast V5, V6 concept

Note : New commercially-available models include concept cars that are close to commercially-available vehicles.

The following abbreviations are used in this report.
"EV": "Battery Electric Vehicle" (BEV)
"HV": "Hybrid Electric Vehicle"
"PHV": "Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle"
"ISG": "Integrated Starter Generator"
"TCI": "Turbo Charging with Inter-cooling"
"TGDI": "Turbo charging with Inter-cooling and Gasoline Direct Injection"
"REEV": "Range-Extended Electric Vehicle"