Beijing Motor Show 2012 (1): eight emerging Chinese OEMs

Chery/BYD/Geely/Great Wall Motor/Brilliance Auto/JAC/Zotye/Lifan Auto



 Under the theme of "Leading through innovation", the Beijing Motor Show 2012 (2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition: Auto China 2012) was held from April 25 to May 2 (press days are April 23 and 24).

 The following reports the exhibition by eight private passenger car manufacturers - Chery Automobile (Chery), BYD Auto (BYD), Geely Holding Group (Geely), Great Wall Motor, Brilliance Auto (Brilliance), JAC (Jianghuai Automobile), Zotye Auto ((Zotye), and Lifan Auto (Lifan). Among models exhibited by the eight manufacturers, we report 30 new models including 21 modeled that debuted (including 8 new-energy vehicles) and 8 new commercially-available models that are scheduled to be launched in 2012.

 In addition, concerning exhibition of new technologies, we report BYD Auto's second-generation PHV system/BYD Remote Driving System/BYD two way charge-discharge system and Great Wall Motor's new-generation PHV platform, which were unveiled at the Show.

 It seems partly to be the result of the Chinese government's vague policy on new-energy vehicles that the number of new-energy vehicles exhibited by the eight emerging OEMs was half that of the Shanghai Motor Show 2011 (Auto China 2011).

 The second report will be on the exhibition of new models by major private OEMs including China FAW/SAIC Motor/Dongfeng Motor and the third report on the exhibition of new models by foreign passenger car manufacturers such as Japanese, US, European, and Korean OEMs.

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Models exhibited by eight emerging Chinese OEMs

OEM Models with new technology and
new-energy vehicles (PHV, HV, EV)
New commercially-available models
Chery Automobile * Chery @ANT (EV concept) * Chery TX, New Eastar, Cowin 5
* Riich G2, G3
BYD Auto * Qin (PHV), e6 luxury version (EV)
* BYD DM Ⅱ system (the second generation
plug-in hybrid system),
BYD two way charge-discharge system,
BYD remote driving system
* F3 Surui
Geely Holding
Group (Geely)
* McCar Ⅱ (EV concept) * Gleagle GX7 Emgrand EX8, EV8
* Englon SC6
Great Wall Motor * Great Wall Motors' new-generation hybrid
power system platform (the second generation),
Haval E (HV concept)
* Haval H7, M4
Brilliance Auto * Brilliance H530 REEV Jinbei Dahaishi L EV * Brilliance H230, Grand Brilliance II concept
* Jinbei Zhishang S30,
(Jianghuai Automobile)
* New Heyue iREV (PHV), Tongyue iEV II (EV) * Heyue SC, Rein II
Zotye Auto No new model exhibited * Zotye Z300, T600
Lifan Auto No new model exhibited * Lifan 720, 530

Note: New commercially-available models include concept cars that are close to commercially-available vehicles.

(Note) The following abbreviations are used in this report.
"EV": "Battery Electric Vehicle"
"HV": "Hybrid Electric Vehicle"
"PHV": "Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle"
"TCI": "Turbo Charging with Inter-cooling"
"TGDI": "Turbo charging with Inter-cooling and Gasoline Direct Injection"