Automotive Weight Reduction Expo 2012 (2)

Plastics and molding technologies



 Below is a summary of technologies representing weight reduction through the use of plastics and various molding technologies exhibited at the 2nd Automotive Weight Reduction Expo held January 18-20, 2012 in Tokyo.

 Toyoda Gosei exhibited an EV concept car characterized by abundant use of plastics. The company plans to determine the feasibility of increased use of plastics in cars. Victrex Japan exhibited super-engineering plastics, Victrex, a material used in engines, transmissions, brakes, etc.

 Plastic parts on display intended for use in defined areas included the front-end module, underbody shields, fuel filler pipes and foamed HVAC (air conditioning) ducts.

 Resin molding technologies on display included die slide injection for forming hollow parts, and special gas injection (floating core molding: RFM) for forming bent pipes. Also introduced at the Expo were metal surface treating technologies intended to join plastics to metals.

 Toray and Oike exhibited films that produce metallic impression.

 NTT Data Engineering Systems introduced additive fabrication processes for making complex shapes. Koiwai exhibited front suspensions and other parts made by such systems.

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