Detroit Auto Show 2012 (1): Japanese OEMs

Toyota and Honda showcase multiple HVs while Nissan exhibits for the first time in four years



 The 2012 North American International Auto Show (Detroit Auto Show) was held in Detroit, Michigan on January 9-22, 2012. Due to the recession, the production volume of vehicles had declined significantly in North America since 2007, but in 2011, new vehicle sales in the US totaled about 12.8 million, up more than 10% year-on-year for the second consecutive year. The economic climate surrounding the automotive industry has been improving.

 In this climate for economic recovery, the US, Japanese, Korean and European OEMs exhibited eco cars including small cars and compact SUVs, hybrid vehicles (HVs), electric vehicles (EVs), and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) in this North American International Auto Show. They also showcased various models such as sports car concepts and high-end cars. The venue was full of more energy than last year.

 The exhibition report has been broken down into three reports - one each for Japanese, US, and European and Korean OEMs. This is the first report that covers concept cars and commercial models (planned to be launched) exhibited by Japanese OEMs.

 Toyota (including Lexus/Scion brand), Honda (including Acura brand), Mazda, and Subaru, as well as Nissan (including Infiniti), which participated in the Detroit Auto Show for the first time in four years, showcased products including production models that are planned to be launched, PHVs, and EVs. Toyota exhibited a sports coupe concept, the LF-LC, and Honda a sports car concept, the Acura NSX, attracting attention.

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