Japanese new vehicle sales: eco-car incentives to salvage 2012 sales to 5M units

2011 sales drops by 15.0% to 4.21 million units due to earthquake



 The Great East Japan Earthquake and the flood in Thailand had a negative effect on the 2011 Japanese new vehicle sales; it dropped by 15.0% over the previous year to 4.21 million units. The sales are, however, likely to turn upward by 19.1% to five million units due to the economic stimulus packages, "Eco-car Subsidy Program" and "Eco-car Tax Break," according to JAMA (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association).

 In the passenger car market, Nissan won the second largest share due to its rapid recovery from the stalled production by the earthquake. In contrast, due to the slow production recovery from the earthquake and the flooded Thailand Plant, Honda slipped to third place. As for sales by model, the Toyota Prius made it to first place for the third consecutive year despite decrease in sales by 20% over the previous year. The Honda Fit moved to second place.

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