Tokyo Motor Show 2011: Japanese OEMs (2)

Exhibitions by commercial vehicle and passenger car manufacturers



 This is the second report that covers the exhibition by Japanese OEMs at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show. This report outlines the exhibition by commercial vehicle manufacturers (including OEMs under the umbrella of overseas OEMs) and the exhibition related to powertrain by passenger car manufacturers.

 Like the exhibition by passenger car manufacturers, commercial vehicle manufacturers aggressively exhibited hybrid trucks (buses) and plug-in hybrid trucks. Hino and Mitsubishi Fuso also showcased EV light vans and light trucks. Concerning commercial vehicles, these manufacturers showed their intention to promote electrification, centered on small vehicles (buses) for short-distance transportation.

 In the technology exhibitions by passenger car manufacturers, Mazda displayed a diesel engine, gasoline engine, AT, and regenerative braking system that uses a capacitor, all of which are among its SKYACTIV technologies. Subaru showcased three types of horizontally-opposed engines while Toyota exhibited the hybrid system of the Aqua compact HV.

 In addition, there are exhibitions in which new technologies are applied to mini vehicles which account for more than 30% of new vehicle sales in Japan. Daihatsu displayed a next-generation technology such as 2-cylinder direct-injection turbo engine and a next-generation large-capacity capacitor. Honda also showcased the first set of next-generation innovative technology, "EARTH DREAMS TECHNOLOGY," which consists of a new engine/new CVT for mini vehicles.

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