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LMC Automotive
Global Commercial Vehicle Forecast
The Global Commercial Vehicle Forecast is a report that projects global sales and production of mid- and large-size commercial vehicles from the UK-based research company LMC Automotive. The report provides insight into the current status of the mid- to large-size commercial vehicle industry and its future through data jointly collected with the U.S. company ACT Research, as well as market trend analysis.
LMC Automotive
Global Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast
The Global Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast is a research report that features global sales forecast data for electrified vehicles (EVs, PHVs, HVs) from the UK-based research company LMC Automotive. In addition to electrified vehicle sales forecasts, sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles in major countries to enable analysis of the market share of electrified vehicles.
LMC Automotive
JATO-LMC Automotive Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast
The JATO-LMC Automotive Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast is a research report that features detailed forecasts of global sales of passenger vehicles and light vehicles. This service was jointly developed by the UK-based research companies JATO Dynamics and LMC Automotive that combines JATO’s comprehensive automobile sales database with LMC’s forecasting methods. The report includes forecast data for over 60 major countries to cover 94% of the global light vehicle market.
LMC Automotive
Global Light Vehicle Powertrain Forecast
The Global Light Vehicle Powertrain Forecast is a research reports from the UK-based research firm LMC Automotive. In addition to by model vehicle production forecasts, the reports provide a comprehensive snapshot of production by including projected production figures for engines and transmissions by the models they are installed in.
Forecast data is offered for a wide range of categories, including production countries and plants, models equipped with the engines and transmissions, and types of engines of transmissions.
LMC Automotive
Global Automotive Production Forecast
The Global Automotive Production Forecast is a research reports that feature detailed forecasts of global light vehicle production from the UK-based research firm LMC Automotive. In addition to forecasts by country and model, data is also available for a wide range of categories including platforms, production plants, and production start and end dates. Moreover, updated data files are provided on a monthly basis, so readers can stay up to date on the latest industry trends.
LMC Automotive
Global Light Vehicle Forecast
The Global Light Vehicle Forecast is a research report with global light vehicle production forecast data from the UK-based research firm LMC Automotive.
In addition to production figures, data on sales, car parc, macroeconomic indicators, and more is also included, presenting the the trends of the global automotive industry in manner both comprehensive and easy to understand.
IBM Japan, Ltd.
*FREE download* [IBM Center for Applied Insights] Digital disruption hits auto industry
Digital services centered on increasingly empowered consumers will bring disruption to the automotive industry.
Economic value within this industry and across adjacent markets will be forever altered. In a world where the future is far from certain, automotive companies will need to develop new core capabilities to survive.
What is going to happen next and how to respond?

◆ Download the report or explore the infographic, below. (**FREE download**)

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Ulatus - Crimson Interactive Inc.
Website Localization & Translation services to connect with your audience in their Language!
ULATUS LANGUAGE SERVICES - To collaborate on global projects, stakeholders from across the world need information they can understand. At all stages of D&D; fluent, relevant and accurate translations will help ensure a cohesive product.
Ulatus offers both the technical expertise and experience needed to provide these robust translations.
Highest quality translators with editors who are experts in their field, whether it is for specifications, manuals, packaging, marketing materials, or R&D resources. Our professionals not only understand the automotive industry, they also have strong scientific backgrounds in supporting industries, such as chemical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental sciences, and legal documentation.
IT Consulting and Advisory
At SOLTIMEX, we offer companies and organisations consulting and advisory services specialising in strategic and complex Information Technology (IT) projects. We also advise on and provide support in managing projects involving the development and implementation of new products or services or improving existing ones, using the Lean or DFSS Six Sigma methodologies.

SOLTIMEX’s Consulting Division focuses on providing advice on analysing and understanding the strategic needs, objectives, and requirements of companies and organisations in order to be able to help our customers meet their business goals or resolve issues. Our work in this process is carried out according to the best practices and standards of methodologies such as: Project Management, developed by PMI® (the Project Management Institute), Six Sigma (Lean & DFSS), and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

Our specialist IT consultants have over 20 years’ experience and are certified in one or more methodologies and good practices, which means they can provide strategic advice on technology and IT infrastructure needs, process improvements, strategic plans, Project Management, and plans for achieving greater quality and efficiency in IT operations.
IT Infrastructure
At SOLTIMEX, we provide specialised IT infrastructure services and solutions to companies and organisations.

We can help you develop your IT strategy and accompany you throughout the process of implementing the solution required. Our experienced, highly trained team of engineers will support you in the design and creation of a practical, sustainable, and cost-effective IT infrastructure for your company or organisation.

With their extensive experience in the industry, our skilled engineers are able to provide you with an endless array of specialised services, addressing needs such as network design and security, information security, infrastructure optimisation or upgrading, data centres, communications, and so on, so as to ensure that your investment in technology meets your needs and provides tangible benefits.
IT Training Division
At SOLTIMEX, we provide IT training programs designed to ensure companies and organisations have staff capable of dealing with all aspects of their technology equipment.

We provide highly regarded courses on Information Technology, and the most important and relevant methodologies and best practices in today’s IT market, as well as on IT project management, quality management and efficiency management in IT operations.

At SOLTIMEX, we firmly believe that the main resource of any company or organisation is its work team, so if it hopes to ever be competitive at home and abroad, it is not enough to simply buy high-tech equipment and software. It is essential that their personnel know how to use these technological tools, for which training is fundamental.

Everyone knows that investing in high-level training boosts a company or organisation’s growth and that of its staff, generating numerous benefits that develop into a virtuous circle since it not only helps form a team capable of using Information Technology to its best effect, but also helps in the personal development of the team members. This in turn sparks a genuine commitment on their part to the success of the organisation or company.
Bollore Logistics Japan : Automotive Logistics Service / Emergency Delivery Handling Service
When you are facing Quality Issue of Mass Product and/or Project Prototype Delivery Issue with Japan OEMs.
Also you are facing the lack of resources to handle those issues. How do you manage it?
Yes, We are Here to Support Your Business Automotive Business.
Hella KGaA
2015 EEHE conference!
HELLA invites you to participate the EEHE conference 2015!

4th Conference on Electric & Electronic Systems in Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles and Electrical Energy Management

Date: April 22nd and 23rd, 2015
Location: Bad Boll, Germany