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LMC Automotive
Automotive Production Forecasts
Automotive Production Forecasts are research reports that feature detailed forecasts of global light vehicle production from the UK-based research firm LMC Automotive. In addition to forecasts by country and model, data is also available for a wide range of categories including platforms, production plants, and production start and end dates. Moreover, updated data files are provided on a monthly basis, so readers can stay up to date on the latest industry trends.
Ulatus - Crimson Interactive Inc.
Website Localization & Translation services to connect with your audience in their Language!
ULATUS LANGUAGE SERVICES - To collaborate on global projects, stakeholders from across the world need information they can understand. At all stages of D&D; fluent, relevant and accurate translations will help ensure a cohesive product.
Ulatus offers both the technical expertise and experience needed to provide these robust translations.
Highest quality translators with editors who are experts in their field, whether it is for specifications, manuals, packaging, marketing materials, or R&D resources. Our professionals not only understand the automotive industry, they also have strong scientific backgrounds in supporting industries, such as chemical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental sciences, and legal documentation.
IT Consulting and Advisory
At SOLTIMEX, we offer companies and organisations consulting and advisory services specialising in strategic and complex Information Technology (IT) projects. We also advise on and provide support in managing projects involving the development and implementation of new products or services or improving existing ones, using the Lean or DFSS Six Sigma methodologies.

SOLTIMEX’s Consulting Division focuses on providing advice on analysing and understanding the strategic needs, objectives, and requirements of companies and organisations in order to be able to help our customers meet their business goals or resolve issues. Our work in this process is carried out according to the best practices and standards of methodologies such as: Project Management, developed by PMI® (the Project Management Institute), Six Sigma (Lean & DFSS), and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

Our specialist IT consultants have over 20 years’ experience and are certified in one or more methodologies and good practices, which means they can provide strategic advice on technology and IT infrastructure needs, process improvements, strategic plans, Project Management, and plans for achieving greater quality and efficiency in IT operations.
Bollore Logistics Japan : Automotive Logistics Service / Emergency Delivery Handling Service
When you are facing Quality Issue of Mass Product and/or Project Prototype Delivery Issue with Japan OEMs.
Also you are facing the lack of resources to handle those issues. How do you manage it?
Yes, We are Here to Support Your Business Automotive Business.
Hella KGaA
2015 EEHE conference!
HELLA invites you to participate the EEHE conference 2015!

4th Conference on Electric & Electronic Systems in Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles and Electrical Energy Management

Date: April 22nd and 23rd, 2015
Location: Bad Boll, Germany