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Manufacturer Vehicle Suspension Parts
Manufacturing of Rod, Ball Joints, Tie Rod, V-Rod, Torque Rod, Stabilizer, Axial Joint, Rod End, semi products and assembly parts.
Megacell International
Automotive Suspension Parts
Megacell International Co., Ltd is a premier ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer and exporter of quality aftermarket automotive suspension and friction parts to global markets.

Based in Thailand with dedicated local staff under a Western management team, we at Megacell leverage our extensive experience, modern manufacturing and logistics facilities, and scale to consistently deliver premium quality parts at affordable prices to our valued customers. Our product portfolio primarily covers Japanese vehicle applications ranging from rubber, rubber-bonded-metal, and polyurethane automotive suspension and friction parts such as

- Engines mounts
- Center bearings
- Shock absorber mounts
- Suspension bushings
- Control arm bushings
- Stabilizer link rods
- Stabilizer link bolts
- Radiator hoses
- Drive shaft boots
- Steering gear boots
- Brake pads and shoes.

With the great success of our flagship brand Mchanix™, Megacell has broken through the mould and become synonymous with delivering great value, reliability, and commitment to our customers the world over. We sincerely hope that you too will have the opportunity to experience the Mchanix™ difference