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Axle/Brake/Body Control

Brickham Stamping Co., Inc.
Quality Shims & Stampings
We specialize in the production of precision shims, washers, and stampings in thicknesses ranging from .001” to .625” at precise tolerances. Our secondary manufacturing capabilities allow us to drill, tap, thread, ream, bore, shear, bend, chamfer, groove, polish or deburr any part in a tightly controlled environment overseen by our integrated quality assurance department. We also have a variety of manual and CNC mills, lathes and bar feeds for producing quality handmade parts.

We offer many in-house services and capabilities that allow you to avoid subcontractors and streamline your production chains. Keeping a part in-house allows us to keep costs low while maintaining a high standard of quality and consistent documentation at every stage of production. We always strive to meet your needs in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible: from laser cut prototypes and tooling production, to secondary operations like heat treating, plating, painting, packaging and more. Through our own extensive capabilities and trusted expert partners we are confident we can meet any needs you may have.