2011 Automotive Engineering Exposition: Parts Suppliers (1)

Exhibits related to EV/HEV and start-stop system technologies



 Reported below is an outline of exhibits of Electric vehicle and Hybrid electric vehicle (EV/HEV) and start-stop system technologies displayed by automotive parts suppliers at the 2011 Automotive Engineering Exposition (May 18-20, 2011, Yokohama) organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Incorporated.

 Exhibits of EV/HEV systems included the in-wheel motor system by NTN, 7-speed Automatic Transmission (AT) based hybrid transmissions by JATCO and 8-speed AT based hybrid transmissions by ZF Sachs.

 The exposition was characterized by, among others, many parts designed to support the smooth driving of EVs having no internal combustion engine and HEVs whose internal combustion engine is deactivated as needed. These included electric oil pumps and electric water pumps displayed by Aisin Seiki and Hitachi. As for brake systems, Hitachi and Hella exhibited devices that generated negative pressure normally supplied by the engine.

 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries exhibited electric water heaters used for heating the i-MiEV's compartment. Calsonic Kansei is developing a power-saving heat pump type air conditioner.

 Start-stop systems present a challenge common to EV and HEV associated with the deactivation of the engine. Exhibits addressing this problem included DC-DC converters designed to stabilize the restarting voltage, and electric oil pumps that send oil to the transmission needed to generate enough hydraulic pressure for restarting. Advics exhibited start-stop system cooperative brake control that automatically maintains the brakes while the vehicle is at standstill with the engine deactivated.