Detroit Auto Show 2011 (2): vehicles slated for sale and powertrains

European and US automakers will introduce vehicles with turbocharged small engines and with...



 The following report outlines the summary of the vehicles going on sale in the US in 2011 and after, and the powertrains with the related products (includes Denso displays) exhibited at the 2011 North American International Auto Show held in Detroit, US from January 10 to 23, 2011 ( "Detroit Auto Show").

 In the US, the improved automotive production/sales volume tells the signs of recovery, and as GM, once received the funding from the government, has been re-listed, we are beginning to see the signs of an economic upturn. At the Detroit Auto Show, Ford occupied a 25% wider floor space than last year and exhibited 75 vehicles, the entire show is back and revived.

 In this text, the abbreviations of HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), EV (Electric Vehicle), and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) have been utilized. Also, the details of the electric vehicles, such as the HEV exhibited by the automakers at this Detroit Auto Show, are posted in the report "Detroit Auto Show 2011 (1): electric vehicles on display" for your reference.