Yutaka Giken Co., Ltd.

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508-1 Yutaka-machi, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka., 431-3194 Japan

Business Overview

-Manufactures exhaust and power train-related automotive parts as a direct affiliate of Honda.

-In the fiscal year that ended in March 2023, the automobile business accounted for 91.7% of the Company’s business.


-Listed on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 69.66
MUFG Bank, Ltd. 1.90
Employees Stockholdings 1.70
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company 1.35
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation 0.81
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. 0.74
Tokai Tokyo Securities Co., Ltd. 0.51
Total 86.67


Torque converters
-Lock-up clutches

Exhaust system products
-Exhaust manifolds

  • 4 in 1 gathering type [large to small]
  • 4 in 2 gathering type [sports type]
  • 4 in 1 gathering type [sports type]
  • Exhaust manifold direct converter [small]

-Catalytic converters
-Mufflers; silencers
-Heat collectors; Exhaust heat recovery devises

Braking system products
-Brake discs for motorcycles

Motor system products
-Traction motor cores

  • Rotors
  • Stators


Dec. 1976 Established Press Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. in Yutakacho, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka Pref. to manufacture and sell automotive parts.
May 1977 Started production of automotive parts for Honda.
Aug. 1979 Started production of catalytic converters for automobiles.
Aug. 1981 Introduced high-frequency hot press molding equipment to enhance precision and quality in manufacture of brake discs for motorcycles.
Apr. 1982 Established the No. 2 Factory at Yutaka Factory (currently Yutaka Plant) to expand the die and machinery division.
Sep. 1982 Started production of AT torque converters for automobiles.
Jul. 1985 Opened the Tochigi Technology Center (currently the Tochigi Technology Research Center) in Kitsuregawacho, Shioya-gun to improve the organization of R&D.
Nov. 1986 Merged with Takaoka Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. and changed the Company name to Yutaka Giken Co., Ltd.
Nov. 1996 Entered into a parts transaction agreement with Isuzu, and began business
Oct. 1997 Listed on the Japan Securities Association OTC market.
Nov. 1997 Established the Keroyama plant in Keroyamacho, Iruma-gun, Saitama Pref.
Dec. 1997 Reached 10 million unit production level for power-train AT torque converters.
Feb. 1999 Established South Carolina Yutaka Technologies, Inc. in South Carolina, USA (obtained all issued stock via Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc.). Currently a consolidated subsidiary.
Mar. 1999 Obtained ISO9002 and ISO14001certification at all locations.
Oct. 2000 Added new production line (the third one) at Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc, a subsidiary production company located in Ohio, USA, with the investment of 700 million yen.
Order increase is expected due to Honda RV sales success. Plan to increase production by 150%, to 4,500 units per day.
Nov. 2000 Received order from Isuzu to supply DPFs for diesel automobiles.
Supplied enough to cover monthly production rate of 200 cars in April 2000. FY2000 sales were just short of 100 million yen.
Mar. 2001 Established under the equity method, Tata Yutaka Autocomp (Private), Ltd. (a local affiliate) in Pune, Maharashtra, India as a joint venture with Tata Autocomp Systems, Ltd.
Apr. 2001 Established "Tata Yutaka Autocomp" in Western India, a joint venture. Produces 20,000 catalytic parts and mufflers (silencers) per year. Supplies local manufacturers and the Honda India Plant.
Investment capital was 130 million yen, shared equally with Tata Yutaka Autocomp" Systems of India. Sales target for FY2002 is set at 200 million yen.
Dec. 2001 Established Yutaka Do Brazil, Ltda. in San Paulo, Brazil.
Jul. 2002 Took an additional stake in Foshan Quanhui Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., in Foshan, China and changed the trade name of the company to Foshan Fengfu Auto Co., Ltd. in April 2003.
Aug. 2002 Established YS Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a joint venture with its affiliated company, Shinnichi Kogyo.
Nov. 2003 Increased its investments in UYS Ltd. and thereby made it into a consolidated subsidiary.
Aug. 2004 Established Foshan Yutaka Auto Parts Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary, in Foshan, China.
Dec. 2004 Cancelled its registration with the Japan Securities Dealers Association for over-the-counter trading and listed its shares on the JASDAC Stock Exchange.
Mar. 2005 Established Wuham Jin Feng Autoparts Co., Ltd. in Wuhan, China, which is a joint venture with Chongqing Jinlun Industry Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2006 Closed the Moroyama Plant and transferred production to the Ranzan Plant in Hiki, Saitama, Japan.
Aug. 2006 Dissolved a joint venture contract with Tata Autocomp Systems, Ltd., and made Tata Yutaka Autocomp Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company; the subsidiary is now called Yutaka Autoparts Pune Ltd.
Sep. 2006 Tata Yutaka Autocomp Limited adopted a new name, Yutaka Autoparts Pune Ltd.
Dec. 2006 The Company established Alabama Cullman Yutaka Technologies, Limited Liability Company in Alabama, U.S.A.
Mar. 2007 The Company established Yutaka Autoparts India Private Limited in Haryana, Gurgaon, India.
May, 2007 Shut down Suzuka Plant and moved to Mie Plant located in the Science City in Tsu City, Mie prefecture.
Mar. 2008 Acquired more shares of Shinnichi Kogyo located in Gamagori city, Aichi prefecture, and made it a consolidated subsidiary.
Jun. 2008 Won a supply agreement from Suzuki Motor Corporation and started supplying its products to the auto manufacturer.
Jan. 2011 Transferred all share of stock it had had in Yutaka Autoparts Pune Ltd. to Faurecia Emission Control Technologies India Private Limited.
Mar. 2012 Transferred all of its shares in Chongqing Jinfeng Mechanical Co., Ltd. to Chongqing Jinlun Industry Co., Ltd. (China).
Mar. 2012 Established Yutaka Technologies de Mexico S.A. de C.V. in Guanajuato, Mexico.
Jun. 2013 Closed Takaoka Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2014 Liquidated South Carolina Yutaka Technologies Inc.
Sep. 2016 Transferred a part of the shareholding in FOSHAN YUTAKA AUTO PARTS CO., LTD. (currently a consolidated subsidiary), China to Shinnichi Kogyo Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary), turning it into a joint venture.
Sep. 2017 Foshan Yutaka Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary) became the transferee of a part of the shareholding in Foshan Fengfu Autoparts Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary) located in Foshan, China.
Jun. 2018 Relocated the headquarters of Shinnichi Kogyo Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary in Aichi Prefecture, from Gamagori to Mitocho, Toyokawa City.
Apr. 2019 Relocated Sumirex Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary in Shizuoka Prefecture,  to Miyakoda-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City. 
Dec. 2020 Merged Foshan Yutaka Auto Parts Co., Ltd. into Foshan Fengfu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
Apr. 2021 Merged Alabama Cullman Yutaka Technologies, Limited Liability Company into Cardington Yutaka Technologies Inc. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).

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