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2418 Washizu Kosai-city, Shizuoka-pref, 431-0494, Japan

Business Overview

-A major supplier manufacturing automotive drive-system units and parts. In addition to supplying products to the automotive market, the company supplies transmissions for construction equipment and agricultural machinery.

-The Company operates in the following three business segments.

Business Segment Business Details Products
Unit Business Drive systems for automobiles Transfers for FR 4WD vehicles, transfers designed specifically for automobiles, automotive components, components for AVTs
Gearboxes Manual transmissions for SUVs and commercial vehicles; gear-boxes and gears for EVs and HEVs
Industrial machinery Transmissions for agricultural equipment, transmissions for construction equipment, gears for forklift transmissions
Parts Business Parts Parts for ATs ad CVTs, differential parts, one-way clutches, parts for transmissions, gears for engines
Other Businesses Logistics and auxiliary services for production plants Cleaning of logistics equipment, onsite work, packaging work

-The Company is working on developing the e-Axle, planning to launch commercial production in 2025.


-Listed on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company name Investment Ratio (%)
Individual Shareholder 11.15
Suzuki Motor Corp. 9.30
Daido Steel Co., Ltd. 9.12
Shizuoka Bank, Ltd. 4.59
Individual Shareholder 2.29
Individual Shareholder 2.09
Individual Shareholder 1.89
Individual Shareholder 1.76
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. 1.58
Mitsuba Corporation 1.58
Total 45.26


Units for Hybrid Systems & EVs
-Dual Motor Multi Driving Mode e-Axle
-Hybrid Truck Motor Generator Gearbox
-Plug-in Hybrid Bus Gearbox
-Gearboxes with Integrated Parking Lock Systems

Torque Management Systems
Transfer for vertical engine layouts

-Part-time AWD transfer cases

  • Part-time transfer cases for SUVs and pickups designed to withstand high torque levels
  • Part-time AWD transfer cases for SUVs and pickups

-Full-time AWD transfer cases

  • SUV and Passenger Car full-time 4WD transfer case 

-PTUs for transversely engine layouts

  • PTUs for AWD vehicles

Manual Transmissions
-Transmissions for Longitudinal Engine Layouts

Automotive Parts
-Steering parts

  • Steering gearboxes
  • Intermediate gearboxes

-Automatic Transmissions and CVT parts

  • Primary pulleys
  • Secondary pulleys
  • Planetary carriers and sub-assemblies
  • Turbine hubs
  • Planetary carriers
  • Stator assemblies
  • One-way clutch components
  • Inner races
  • Input shafts
  • Sun gears
  • Turbine hubs
  • Overrunning clutches; one-way clutches

-Transmission and engine parts

  • Transmission gears
  • Engine gears

-Differential parts

  • Side shafts
  • Companion flanges
  • Pinion shafts


Mar. 1937 Fuji Tekko Co., Ltd. was established as a manufacturer of parts for aircraft as well as for machine tools, focusing primarily on the fields of machine and heat treatment technology.
Apr. 1944 Plant evacuated to Kosai City in Shizuoka Prefecture and engaged in producing parts for engines as a cooperative factory of Nakajima Aircraft.
Aug. 1945 Temporarily closed the plant at the end of World War II. Reopened it again in October of same year. Collected bicycles damaged during the war to remake the frames, and sold them to the National Bicycle-Drawn Cart Association.
Mar. 1947 Fuji Tekko-Sho Inc. was established and Ichiro Suzuki was named the first president. Switched to manufacturing of sewing machine parts, a thriving business at the time. Specialized in producing shuttle hooks, a component that was designed in-house using a special machine, and supplied to both Toyota Machine and Rhythm Machine. At the same time, exported as service parts to India and Pakistan.
Mar. 1952 Started business with Nissan Automotive Co., Ltd. At a joint cooperative factory, began to produce transmission and steering parts for various cars.
Sep. 1955 Changed the Company name from Fuji Tekko-Sho Inc. to Fuji Tekko-Sho Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1959 Built a new plant at the current site of the headquarters to be prepared for any situation involving Nissan's increased production volumes. Significantly expanded personnel, machinery and equipment.
Jul. 1960 Spun off the second plant and founded Suzuki Tekko-Sho Co., Ltd. (currently IS Seiki Co., Ltd.), an affiliated company primarily processing parts for Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. (currently Suzuki Co., Ltd.), and built a new plant in Ozawado Town, Hamamatsu City.
Aug. 1963 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Nov. 1970

Completed transmission plant.

Jan. 1973 Completed plant for assembling large-sized transmissions.
Jul. 1974 Completed testing facility (for transmissions).
Jun. 1977 Added more facilities to produce tranmissions.
Oct. 1988 Awarded the Deming Prize.
Jul. 1991 Acquired stock in Enshu Kuromu Ltd.
Oct. 1991 Renamed to Fuji Univance Corporation.
Oct. 1993 Awarded PM Excellence Award.
Jul. 1995 Established its subsidiary, Univance Inc., in the U.S.A.
Mar. 1996 Established P.T. Univance Indonesia (subsidiary).
Jul. 1996 ISO 9001 certified.
Oct. 1997 Awarded prize for continuous TPM.
Sep. 1998 Completed a special plant for production of drive force distribution systems.
Nov. 2002 QS9000 Certified.
Dec. 2003 Obtained ISO14001 certification.
Dec. 2003 Concluded a comprehensive business partnership agreement with I.S. Precision Machinery Inc.
Oct. 2005 Merged with I.S. Precision Machinery Inc. and changed the company name to Univance Corporation.
Nov. 2006 Obtained ISO/TS16949 certification.
Dec. 2006 Produced an accumulated total of six million transfer cases for four-wheel vehicles.
Apr. 2011 Established Univance (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary in Thailand.
Sep. 2012 Expanded plant of Univance Inc.
Jan. 2013 Completed second plant of P.T. Univance Indonesia.
Jun. 2014 Completed forging plant of P.T. Univance Indonesia.
Jul. 2017 Acquired the stock shares in Fujibuhin Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Dec. 2018 Established Univance America, Inc. in U.S.A.(currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Mar. 2019 Launched production of reduction-gears for e-Axles mounted on electric vehicles

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