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2015 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Power Transfer Unit (PTU)

Installed vehicle: Nissan "Juke", "X-Trail", "Qashqai", "Rogue" -Manufactured in North America, Indonesia and Thailand.

Transfer case

Installed vehicle: Mazda "BT-50" -Also supplied to Ford. -Use of hollow shafts (image 1) and thin case walls (image 2) with reinforcing ribs created compact and lightweight structure. -Manufactured in Thailand.

Disconnect system (For FWD vehicle)

-Under development -Switching back from 2WD mode to 4WD mode takes 0.1 seconds (competitors’ products require 0.15 seconds) -Control units are also made in-house

Disconnect system (For RWD vehicle)

-Under development -Switching back from 2WD mode to 4WD mode takes only 0.05 seconds (competitors’ products require 1.50 seconds)

Torque continuously auto shifting transmission

-Under development -For Light Commercial Vehicles

Full toroidal CVT discs and rollers

-Carburizing heat treatment process improved durability, surface-pressure strength, and heat resistance. Two types of smooth toroidal surfaces are created by finishing processes. image 1: Isotropic surface image 2: Plateau surface

Light weight, thin wall hollowed main shafts

Companion flanges by near net shape technology

-Near net shape technology reduced product weight by 20 percent and eliminated some removal processes such as electric and mechanical processing.

DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating

Light duty geared motor

-Co-developed with Mitsuba . -Multiple packaging options are available: Single motor with a differential mechanism, twin motors, and so on.

2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Full toroidal CVT disc and roller

-Under development

Torque continuously auto shifting transmission

-Under development

Motor driven clutch actuation system

-Under development

Power transfer unit with disconnect feature

-Under development

Electric vehicle gearboxes

-Under development

Automotive components

-CVT pulleys are supplied to JATCO .

Electroless nickel-phosphorus plating

Hard chromium plating of aluminum

2013 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Univance reduction gear variations

Planetary Reduction Gearset for In-Wheel Motors

Gearbox with integrated traction motor

Conical Gears

Dual Clutch Transmission

2012 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

RWD 4WD-Transfer case

Cold forging planetary pinion gear

Cold forging hollow shaft

Start assist system for compact FWD vehicles

Gearbox with integrated motor

PHV gearbox

Installed vehicle: Suzuki "Swift Plug-in Hybrid"

Example of mechatronics software development

2010 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Motor-generator gearbox

Transfer case for FWD-4WD vehicle

Full-time 4WD hydraulic torque splitter "AXC"

RWD 6-speed manual transmission with 4WD transfer case

Planetary gear mechanism

Hollow shaft made by cold forging

Cold forging internal gear

Cold forging planetary pinion gear

JSAE 2009

Improved Fuel-efficiency System for FWD-4WD Vehicle
FWD 6-Speed Manual Transmission
FWD-4WD Transfer Case
(1/2 Model)
Motor Controlled Wet-Type Multi-Plate Torque Distribution System Rear Differential Assembly for Disconnect System at the 2WD-position
Image Image
RWD 6-Speed Manual Transmission RWD-4WD Transfer Case
(1/2 Model)
Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles Gearbox
Cold Forging Gear Gear Technology
Image   Image  
Hollow Shaft Made by Cold Forging  

JSAE 2007

Full-time 4WD Transfer Case Part-time 4WD Transfer Case
Vehicles Installed: Skyline, Pathfinder, Infiniti (Nissan) Image1
Vehicles Installed: Safari (Nissan)
Manual Transmission Formsprag Overrunning Clutch
Vehicles Installed: Escudo (Suzuki), Caravan (Nissan) Image1
Vehicles Installed: Teana (Nissan), Vitz (Toyota), Legendo (Honda)

JSAE 2006

Manual Transmission for SUV, VAN, and Pickup Truck >>Technical Information
-Light Weight and Compact:
Optimized design and minimized waste by FEM analysis.
-Increase of acceptable input torque due to FEM analysis of case/shaft durability.
-Suitable for a variety of engines offering even smoother driving thanks to triple synchro-cone system.

-Installed on Suzuki's new diesel model for Europe "Escudo" as well as Nissan's "Caravan."
Formsprag overrunning clutch for A/T
Sprag: It is made of bearing steel shaped inprecison measurement, transmits torque and makes contact overrun. Durable to high torque and highly abrasion resistant.

Retainer: It is made from a thin pressed plate,  positions sprags on the peripheral side and holds them. Structure allows shorter axial direction.

Garter spring: It always works to let the sprags contact the outer and inner blades, is capable of engaging when loaded. Little drag torque is required to engage with the sprag instantly when loaded. Minimum torque is necessary during overrunning.

-Roll over is prevented by protrusion shapes of neighboring sprags. >>Technical Information
-It is composed of only 3 parts, making it possible to reduce weight and size.
-Delivered to Nissan, Honda and Toyota through Jatco.
Part-time 4WD transfer Case for SUV and Pickup Truck >>Technical Information
-Because of  perfect engaging design of cogwheels and high rigid case design, it has improved NVH and durability.
-The Shift speed is in high class on account of development of high-performance shift actuator.
-It is lighter compared with permissible torque because of the most suitable design of structural parts by CAE analysis.
-Installed on mid-size light trucks, including Nissan Frontier (called Navara in Europe) and Pathfinder.
Full-time 4WD Transfer Case for SUV and passenger Car >>Technical Information
-Optimized design thanks to CAD and CAE systems.
-Wet-type multiple disc clutch built into the transfer case for optimal torque distribution to front and rear wheels.
-Optimal shape design of the transfer case and NVH analysis have improved quietness.

Hydraulic Torque Splitter for Fill-time 4-wheel Drive 'AXC'
>>Technical Information
-The torque of front and rear wheels of a full-time 4WD vehicle is automatically and most efficiently distributed. The Auto Lockup Mechanism provides for easy driving even on rough roads.
-The Automatic Torque Variable Mechanism automatically switches the torque to be generated among three steps according to changes in vehicle speed.
-The Automatic Torque Constrain Mechanism constrains the generation of excessive torque, allowing for a smaller and lighter powertrain system.
-Installed on Nissan "Serena," "Wingroad," and Renault "Kangoo" and so on.

Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Unit for Hybrid System
Motor/Generator Gear Box for Hybrid Truck (Reference Exhibit)
 Combining gearbox with motor reduced weight and parts. The motor-shaft applied an open-type bearing to minimize friction at the  bearing area, and thus improved fuel consumption. Also grinding the gear could contribute to betterment of gear durability. The Company jointly developed this solution with HITACHI Ltd. Now installed in ISUZU ELF, a hybrid truck.
 >>Technical Report

Gear Box for Capacitor Hybrid Truck
 This gearbox withstands high revolution speeds and is suitable for low-noise capacity hybrid truck. Installed in NISSAN Diesel Capacitor Hybrid. 
 >>Technical Report

Transfer Case

Part-time 4WD Transfer Case for Pickup Truck & SUV
 Because of the perfect engage design of cogwheels or chains and high stiffness case design, it is superior in ability of low noise or shock and drivability.
 >>Technical Report

Full-time 4WD Transfer Case for SUV and Passenger Car
 Delivers the rigid axle 4wheels drive type performance with the comfortable handling of a 2 wheels drive vehicle.
 >>Technical Report

Cam type L.S.D. and Actuator embedded Transfer case
 Thanks to the center-differential-type full-time 4WD system with the part-time system and the cam-type LSD, this transfer enables full-time 4WD driving.
 >>Technical Report

Automotive Parts
Motor assist 4WD Gear Box
 Compared to wet multi-disc clutches, it reduces friction loss during 2WD driving, and improves the clutch response at the time of switching.

Formsprag Overrunning Clutch for Automatic Transmissions
 The simple structure prevents roll over even if excessive torque is produced. The Overrunning clutch exactly distributes torque to all the sprags.
 >>Technical Report

Manual transmission for SUV, VAN, and Light Truck
 Optimized design and minimized waste by FEM analysis. Suitable for a variety of engines, offering even smoother driving thanks to triple synchro-cone system.
 >>Technical Report