Technol Eight Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



1 Akatsuki-cho, Seto-shi, Aichi-ken, 489-8510, Japan

Business Overview

-Manufacturer of stamped body components.
-The company has a fully integrated production structure, which includes product development up to processing.


-Unlisted Company
Company name Investment ratio (%)
Toyoda Iron Works 64.0
Toyota 36.0
Total 100.0


Iron Parts
-Hood reinforcements
-Rear suspension arm brackets
-Door components
-Shift supports
-Dash panel reinforcements
-Floor panel reinforcements
-Center floor cross
-Rear quarter parts

Aluminum Parts
-Hood reinforcements
-Heat Insulators
-Tank protectors
-Back door reinforcements
-Engine under covers
-Door inner panels

Functional parts
-Hood locks
-Air cleaners


Sep. 1948 The independently owned Maruhachi Works made organizational changes and established Maruhachi Industrial Co., Ltd. in Minamimusachidaira-cho Naka Ward, Nagoya (with capital of 500,000 yen).
Established the Hotei Plant in Hotei-cho (currently Konan-shi), Niwa-gun, Aichi, as a subcontract plant of Toyota Jidosha Kogyo (currently Toyota Motor) at its initial establishment.
Feb. 1949 Moved main office to Hotei-cho (currently Konan-shi), Niwa-gun, Aichi.
Dec. 1949 Started business tie-up with Nippon Denso (currently Denso) as a supplier.
Apr. 1965 Started dealing with Toyota Automatic Loom Works Ltd.
Sep. 1967 Established the Kumano plant (Oaza, Nakanara, Konan-shi, Aichi) specific to manufacturing air cleaners for increased production of automotive parts.
Apr. 1974 Established the Minokamo Plant (Minokamo-shi, Gifu) for production streamlining and environmental consciousness.
Feb. 1985 Mr. Naoto Otsuki was appointed as a corporate representative to renovate its top management.
Sep. 1986 Name changed to Technol Eight Co., Ltd. and moved main office to 1 Akatsuki-cho, Seto-shi, Aichi.
Mar. 1987 Relocated 2 plants in Konan-shi and a plant in Minokamo-shi to be consolidated into a plant (currently the main plant) in Seto-shi for production streamlining and environmental consciousness.
Apr. 1987 Merged with Nippon Dentsu for the purpose of manufacturing and sales of electronic appliances.
Nov. 1989 Registered the corporate stock to corporate body of Japan Securities Trade Associations.
May 1995 Started production and deliver of battery cases through introducing precision stamping.
Aug. 1997 Established a wholly-owned subsidiary Techonol Eight Philippines Corporation for the purpose of manufacturing automotive stamping components in Philippine.
Sep. 1998 The newly-established subsidiary started going into full-scale operation.
Jul. 2000 Gained a 100% holding in Technol Saga Corporation manufacturing and selling electronic appliances for expanding the business.
Mar. 2002 Gained an additional holding in Business Network Telecom Corporation for the Internet related business to be controlled as a subsidiary for strengthening new business lines.
Sep. 2002 Completed a mold plant at Technol Eight Philippines Corporation and started mold production in December 2002.
Dec. 2004 Cancelled its listing on the over the counter market at Japan Securities Dealers Association and listed its shares on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
Nov. 2005 Otsuki Strategic Investment conducted a takeover bid of the Company, which became a wholly owned subsidiary of Otsuki Strategic Investment and thus was delisted from the JASDAQ.
Jan. 2008 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Onkyo Corporation.
May 2009 Onkyo Corporation transferred all the shares of stock it had in the Company to Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation.

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>>>Business Report FY ended Mar. 2014

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