Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



150-20, Gongse-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Business Overview

-A major EV battery supplier affiliated with the Samsung Group in South Korea. Global EV drive battery market share in 2023 is 4.6%, ranking 7th. (Based on SNE Research publication)

-The company's business consists of the following two divisions.

Business segments Major products Percentage of total sales in 2023
Energy Solution Batteries for EVs, ESS (Energy Storage System) and smartphones. 90%
Electronic Materials Semiconductors, display materials, polarizing films, etc. 10%



-The company is listed on the Korean Stock Exchange (As of Dec. 31, 2023)
Main Shareholder Investment ratio (%)
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 19.58
National Pension Public Corporation 7.62
BlackRock Fund Advisors 5.01

-BlackRock Fund Advisor stake as of August 4, 2020.


Battery Cells
-Prismatic lithium-ion battery cells
-Cylindrical battery cells

Battery Modules
-Battery module for PHEVs
-Battery module for HEVs

Battery Pack
-Battery packs for PHEVs
-Battery packs for HEVs
-12V Dual-packs for Micro HEVs
-Battery packs for BEVs
-Battery packs for PHEVs
-Battery packs for HEVs
-Battery packs for HEVs (Buses & trucks)


Jun. 1970 Founded Samsung-NEC Inc.
Oct. 1976 Completed the construction of Anyang Plant in Korea.
Nov. 1978 Completed construction of the Gumi Plant in Korea.
Feb. 1985 Changed the company name to Samsung Display Device Inc.
Oct. 1991 Founded Malaysian branch.
Feb. 1993 Founded German branch.
Nov. 1993 Developed bio Braun-tubes.
Aug. 1994 Completed the construction of EMC plant.
Sep. 1994 Founded Mexico branch.
Nov. 1995 Founded Hong Kong branch.
Oct. 1996 Completed construction of plant in Mexico.
Jul. 1996 Founded Tianjin branch, China.
Aug. 1996 Founded Brazil branch.
Aug. 1999 Developed the highest capacity 1800mAh cylindrical Li-ion battery in the industry.
Dec. 1999 Changed the company name to Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2000 Completed construction of a rechargeable battery plant in Tianan, China.
Jun. 2002 Established Hungarian branch.
Jul. 2005 Mass-produced the world’s first cylindrical 2600mAh battery.
Aug. 2005 Established a high-tech nano/optical material R&D Center.
Sep.2008 Established SB LiMotive, a 50-50 joint venture with Bosch.
Feb. 2010 Established a battery business branch in Vietnam.
Nov. 2010 SB LiMotive opened a new manufacturing facility in Ulsan, Korea.
Dec. 2010 Achieved the largest market share in the global small-size rechargeable battery market.
Sep.2012 Acquired Bosch’s SB LiMotive's shares.
Jul. 2014 Merged with Korean textile manufacturer Cheil Industries Inc.
Dec. 2014 Founded a branch in Austria.
Feb. 2015 Acquired the battery pack business of Magna International.
Oct. 2015 Completed construction of EV battery plant in Xi’an, China.
Nov. 2015 Supplied cylindrical EV batteries to JAC of China.
Feb. 2016 Established SDI Chemical, an affiliate.
Dec. 2016 Signed a strategic partnership agreement with Lucid Motors, a US electric vehicle startup, to cooperate in the EV battery area.
May 2017 Completed the construction of EV battery plant in Hungary.
Apr. 2019 Founded a branch in India.
Jul. 2019 Signed strategic partnership agreement with Volvo Group for next generation e-mobility.
Sep. 2019 Signed a contract to supply battery cells and modules to Akasol, a European battery system manufacturer.
Nov. 2019 Signed a long-term battery supply contract with BMW until 2031.
Nov. 2020 Established the joint venture EcoPro EM, a cathode materials supplier.
Oct. 2021 Established joint venture with Stellantis for automotive battery cells and modules in North American.
Oct. 2022 Completion of the cathode material plant CAM7 of the joint venture EcoPro EM.
Jul. 2023 MOU signed with Sterantis for the construction of a second plant for StarPlus Energy, a joint venture with Stellantis.
Oct. 2023 Concluded a battery supply contract with Hyundai.

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>>> Business Report FY ended Dec. 2020
>>> Business Report FY ended Dec. 2021
>>> Business Report FY ended Dec. 2022

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