Kalyani Group

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Mundhwa, Pune 411036, Maharashtra, India

Business Overview

- The company is Largest Forging Company in the world.

-The Group is one of the leading Industrial Houses in India. The Company comprises of 7 divisions:

  • Engineering Steel
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Renewable Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Speciality Chemicals
  • Defense

-The Group consists of the following automobile related companies:

Company Overview Main Products
Bharat Forge Ltd. -Established in 1961
-The flagship company of the Group
Chassis and powertrain parts
Automotive Axles Ltd. -Established in 1981 as a joint venture with Meritor (Formerly ArvinMeritor, Inc.) (USA)
-The largest independent manufacturer of rear drive axle assemblies in India
Axles, Drum Brake, Disc Brake 
Kalyani Lemmerz Ltd. -Established in 1996 as a joint venture with Maxion Wheels (Formerly Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc) (USA) Wheel rims
Kalyani Technoforge Ltd. -Established in 1979, formerly known as Kalyani Thermal Systems Ltd. Connecting rods, Crank Shafts, Engine Transmission parts


Bharat Forge Ltd.

Powertrain components
-Forged crankshafts
-Machined crankshafts
-Connecting rods
-Piston crowns

Chassis components
-Steering knuckles
-Front axle beams
-Control arms
-Wheel carriers
-Steering arms

Transmission parts
-Gear counter shafts

Other parts
-Swivel hubs
-Rocker arms
-Gear blanks

Automotive Axles Ltd.

-Single drive axles
-Tandem drive axles
-Non drive axles
-Drum brakes
-Disc brakes

Kalyani Lemmerz Ltd.

-Wheel rims for utility vehicles, light and heavy commercial vehicles

Kalyani Technoforge Ltd.

-Connecting rods
-Injector bodies
-Rocker arms
-Flange yokes
-Yoke shafts
-Transmission gearboxes


1961 Bharat Forge Ltd. was established in India
1979 Established Kalyani Thermal Systems Ltd.
1981 The Group and Arvin Meritor (USA) jointly established Automotive Axles Ltd.
1996 The Group and Hayes Lemmerz (USA) jointly established Kalyani Hayes Lemmerz Ltd.
2002 Entry in China market
2003 Automotive Axle Limited sold Brake Business to KTMS
2004 Bharat Forge Ltd. acquired Carl Dan Peddinghaus GmbH & Co.KG (CDP), Germany. (New company - CDP Bharat Forge)
Bharat Forge Ltd. acquired 100% interest in CDP Aluminiumtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (New company - Bharat Forge Aluminiumtechnik)
2005 Bharat Forge Ltd. acquired Federal Forge, USA. (New company - Bharat Forge America)
Bharat Forge Ltd. acquired Imatra Forging Group - Imatra Kilsta AB, Sweden and Scottish Stampings, Scotland. (New company - Bharat Forge Kilsta & Bharat Forge Scottish Stampings Ltd.)
Bharat Forge Ltd. signed a joint venture agreement with FAW Corporaiton of China. This joint venture was named FAW Bharat Forge.
2007 Kalyani Technoforge started Ranjangaon forging and machining facility
2008 Bharat Forge commissioned India's largest commercial open forging press
2009 Kalyani Technoforge started machining facility at Manesar- Haryana
2010 Establishment of the Kalyani Centre for Technology & Innovation
2014 Bharat Forge Ltd. dissolved FAW Bharat Forge (Changchun), Chinese joint venture formed with FAW.

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