Austem Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



739, Susin-ro, Susin-myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungnam, Korea

Business Overview

-The Company is an auto parts manufacturer specializing in the production of chassis parts, seat components, and wheels.

-In Jan. 2008, the Company and Posco, Korea's leading steel company, jointly established POS-Austem Suzhou Automotive Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, China. The Suzhou facility started supplying chassis parts and body components to Shanghai GM and other car OEMs.


(As of Dec. 31, 2018)

Major shareholders Investment ratio (%)
Kim, Jung Woo 12.25
Yoo, Kwan Bong 0.15
Kim, Min Seok 1.92
Total 14.32


Body parts
Front longitudinal frames
Rear longitudinal frames
Front/rear floor panels

Chassis components
Cross member assemblies - front/rear
Control arm assemblies
Suspension Links

Seat components
Recliner cores
Round recliner assemblies
Power recliners
Track cores
Pumping Device

Steel Wheels

Diesel particulate filters


Mar. 1990 The Company built a facility to manufacture steel wheel discs in Cheonan-Si, Chungcheongnam-Do. 
Apr. 1995 The Company acquired ISO9001 certification
Dec. 1999 The Company acquired QS9000 certification
Feb. 2001 The Company acquired ISO14001 certification
Aug. 2002 The Company won a supply award from GM. 
Mar. 2003 The Company acquired ISO/TS16949:2002 certification
Mar. 2004 The Company started supplying functional seat components for the Rodius manufactured by Ssangyong Motor. 
Jan. 2005 The Company acquired ACM, a supplier of automotive components.
Mar. 2005 The Company changed its corporate name from Yoon Young Co., Ltd. to Austem Co., Ltd.
May. 2006 The Company acquired 61 percent of the shares in Seatek, a manufacturer of car seat components.
Sep. 2006 The Company was selected as a supplier to support the GM Delta2 project. (The Delta2 is the successor model to the Lacetti.)
Jun. 2007 The Company acquired the remaining shares in Seatek, making it its wholly owned subsidiary.  
Dec. 2007 The Company started supplying functional seat parts for Hyundai Genesis luxury sedans. 
Mar. 2008 The Company established POS-Austem Suzhou Automotive Co., Ltd. in China through a joint investment with POSCO of Korea.
Apr. 2008 The Company received General Motor's Supplier of the Year for FY2007.
Jul. 2008 The Company established a new plant in Gunsan.
Oct. 2008 Its Kunshan Plant in Jiangsu Province, China was completed.
Aug. 2010 The Company acquired KhanCera, a supplier of DPF filters.
Jan. 2011 The Company established O'zauto-Austem Limited Liability Company in Uzbekistan.
Aug. 2011 Its Jeonui Plant in Chungcheongnam-do was completed.
Mar. 2013 The Company established POS-Austem Yantai Automotive Co., Ltd. in China.
Dec. 2013 The Company absorbed two subsidiaries, ACM and Seatek.
Aug. 2014 The Company established Gill-Austem, LLC in USA.
Dec. 2015 The Company established POS-Austem Wuhan Automotive Co., Ltd in China.

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