Gibbs Die Casting Corporation

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369 Community Drive, Henderson, KY 42420, USA

Business Overview

-One of the largest aluminum and magnesium die castings companies in the U.S.

-Approximately 90% of the Company's business originates from the automotive segment.

-The Company uses the unique process of vacuum ladled, high and ultra-high pressure die casting, offering an alternative to forging, permanent mold and conventional die casting.


-The Company is a subsidiary of Koch Enterprises, Inc.


Engine components
-Lower crankcase
-Tensioner arms
-Water inlets/outlets
-Valve covers
-Bearing caps

Transmission components
-Pump bodies

Steering wheel armatures

Air conditioning compressor components

Magnesium crash engineered components

Viscous clutch components

Commercial refrigeration components


1965 Established by Bob and Nick Gibbs.
1969 The Company has been owned by Koch Enterprises, Inc.
Dec. 1999 Announced the acquisition of Mando Machinery Corp., Munmak Die Casting operations, and renamed the plant Gibbs-Korea.
Feb. 2000 Purchased the assets of Nansen Mecanica S.A., a subsidiary of Nansen S.A. - Instrumentos de Precisao of Contagem, Brasil, to form Gibbs-Brasil Die Casting, Ltda.
Apr. 2003 Opened the new facility of Giggs-Hungary Die Casting in Retsag, Hungary.
Dec. 2005 Started the construction of a new facility of Gibbs-Dalian Die Casting Ltd. in Dalian, China
Feb. 2008 Completed closure of the Harlingen, Texas plant.

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