Motonic Corporation

Company Profile



50, Jong-ro 1-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

Business Overview

-The Company was established as a manufacturer of automotive carburetors and die-casting products in 1974.

-It extended its scope of business activities by adding LPG kits, throttle bodies, EGR valves, etc. to its product lineup.

-The Company supplies its products mainly to Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors.


(As of Dec. 31, 2018)

Major Shareholders Interest Ratio (%)
Kim, Young Bong 25.11
Kim, Young Mok 14.91
Total 40.02


Air induction components
-Throttle bodies
-Intake manifolds
-Air Control Valves (ACV)

-electronic-Cylinder Deactivation Actuators (e-CDA)
-electronic-Variable Valve Lift (e-VVL)

Continuously variable valve lifts

Variable valve lifts

Oil pumps

GDI High-pressure Fuel pumps

-Oil pump control units
-Fuel Pump Controllers

LPI systems
-Pump modules
-Injection modules
-Driver units
-LPI Drivers

LPDI Systems
-LPDI High-pressure Fuel Pump
-Low-pressure Fuel Pumps & Drivers

CNG Bi-fuel systems
-Cut-off solenoids

CNG Systems
-High Pressure Regulators
-Cut-off Solenoids

-High Pressure Regulators

Fuel rails
-Aluminum Alloy Rails
-Stainless Steel Rails
-Plastic Rails
-High Pressure Rails


Rocker Arms

Others products
-Control units
-Piston clutches
-Gas filters
-Switch & Level Gauges
-UREA SCR Sytems
-Waste Gate Actuators (WGA)
-LPG Mixer Systems


Mar. 1974 The Company was established
Jun. 1987 The Company established Daesung Automotive Co., Ltd.
May 1988 Daesung Automotive completed the construction of a new plant in Daegu.
Aug. 1989 The Company opened a R&D center.
May 1992 The Company completed the construction of a new plant in Daegu.
Jan. 1994 The Company was listed on the Korean Stock Market.
Feb. 1996 The Company acquired ISO9001 certification.
Sep. 1998 The Company acquired QS9000 certification.
Mar. 2002 The Company adopted a new corporate name, Motonic Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2003 The Company acquired acquired ISO/TS16949 certification.
Sep. 2005 The Company acquired ISO14001 certification.
Sep. 2005 The Company established Beijing Motonic Corporation in China.
Dec. 2007 Beijing plant in China started mass production.
Jan. 2008 The Company established Motonic India Automotive Private Ltd. in India.
Sep. 2008 India plant started mass production.
Feb. 2010 The Company acquired the "Technology 5 Star" certificate from Hyundai-Kia.
Aug. 2010 The Company acquired the "Quality 5 Star" certificate from Hyundai-Kia.
Oct. 2014 The Company absorbed Daesung Automotive Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2016 Completed the Seongju Plant.

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