Huf Huelsbeck & Fuerst GmbH & Co. KG

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Steeger Str. 17, 42551 Velbert, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company is a manufacturer of primarily mechanical and electronic access systems and components for the automotive industry. Its products include mechanical and electronic locking systems, TPMS, and telematic systems.


-The Company is privately owned.


Car access authorization systems
-One- or two-direction access systems
-Vehicle access keys
-Integrated car receivers

Driver authorization systems
-Start-stop buttons
-Electronic steering column locks
-Key slots with integrated immobilizer

Passive entry systems
-ID devices
-Door handle electronics
-Interior antennas
-Electronic control units

Door handle systems
-Door handle trim
-Integrated door handle electronics
-Retractable door handles
-Light concepts integrated into door handle

Power tailgate systems
-Electric latches
-Tailgate component carriers
-Emblem closures
-Reversing cameras
-Kick sensors

Mechanical locking systems
-Mechanical keys
-Locking cyclinders
-Mechanical steering column locks

Telematic systems

Tire pressure monitoring systems


Apr. 1908 Ernst Hulsbeck, and August Furst founded a company for manufacturing, buying and selling locks, ornamental hinges, and minor items of iron and brassware in Velbert.
1920 First car door lock supplied to Mercedes-Benz.
1935 Introduction of zinc die casting method
1948 Daimler-Benz, Opel, Ford and VW supplied with outer door handles and keys.
1955 1,000,000th beetle leaves production line at VW-each car fitted exclusively with Huf door handles.
1969 Introduction of plastic injection moulding method
1973 Adam Opel nominates Huf as "Supplier of the Year".
Licensing contract concluded with EOSA in Mexico.
1975 Magnetic key system is developed and produced by Huf.
1979 Magnetic key system is developed and produced by Huf.
1983 Licensing contract with SHIROKI Corporation (Toyota supplier); Huf system is employed for nearly every Toyota model.
Founding of Huf Espana S.A.
Construction of Works II in Velbert/Germany
1986 Founding of Korea-Huf
Series production for Opel: coated, body- colored external door handles
1987 Founding of Huf UK Ltd.
1988 Development and series production of the first remote controlled key (Mercedes Benz) (infra-red)
1990 Founding of Karmann Huf, Wisconsin USA (later Huf North America)
Founding of Huf Hulsbeck & Furst GmbH Sachsen
1991 Quality award Q1 from Ford
Founding of Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Entwicklung Sud (Gunding)
Founding of Huf Portuguesa Lda.
1992 Korea-Huf is sold
1993 "World-wide Supplier of the Year 93" - award by General Motors
Awarded "Value of the Year Supplier" by VW.
1994 Founding of Yantai Huf Automotive Lock Co Ltd.
Karman-Huf becomes a 100% Huf subsidiary called Huf-Wisconsin Automotive Parts Manufacturing, Corp.
1995 Founding of Minda Huf Ltd., India
Founding of Huf-Tennessee Automotive Parts Manufacturing, Corp.
AMM Brazil receives license from Huf
Founding of Huf Korea Limited
1996 First magnesium steering column lock for GM Holden, Australia
Introducing of ID-devices
1997 Siemens Aktiengesellschaft shares 25.1 % in Huf Hulsbeck & Furst
Certification of QS 9000/VDA 6.1
Development and series production for Mercedes: electronic steering lock
1998 Founding of Shanghai Huf Liyong Automotive Lock Co. Ltd.
Huf-Wisconsin and Huf-Tennessee merge into Huf North America Automotive Parts Manufacturing Corp.
Development and series production of Keyless Go
1999 Founding of Huf Netherlands B.V.
Founding of Huf Tools GmbH
2000 Founding of Huf Polska Sp.z. o.o.
Re-certification of Huf Hulsbeck & Furst, QS-9000/VDA 6.1
'Green Dove Award' certification of Huf UK
2001 'Green Dove Award' certification of Huf Hulsbeck & Furst
1st electronic ignition switch produced for the 7 series BMW (E65).
Electric Tailgate Latch Actuator in production (Mercedes C-Class Estate and Coupe)
2002 2,000,000th lock set produced for the 3 series BMW (E46).
2007 Foundation of Huf India Private Limited and Japan.
2008 Repurchasing shares held by Siemens.
Building Huf Electronics.
Buying Electronic branch from Kiekert.
2009 Established Yantai Huf Tools Co., Ltd. in China.
2010 Established Huf Mexico S de R in Mexico.
2011 Acquired a tire pressure monitoring business from BorgWarner BERU Systems.
2014 Established Huf Secure Mobile GmbH and Huf North America Die Cast Corp.
2017 Established Huf Nagoya Co., Ltd. and Huf Thailand

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