P.C.S. Machine Group Holding PCL

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2/1-9 Moo 3 Mittraphap Road, Kokkruad, Muang Nakhon Ratchasima District Nakhon Ratchasima 30280, Thailand

Business Overview

-The Company is a leading automotive manufacturer in Thailand which manufactures components for engines, transmissions, chassis, braking, suspension and steering systems.

-On July 1, 2019, the Company’s transferred the business of its three subsidiaries, P.C.S. Precision Works Co., Ltd., P.C.S. Die Casting Co., Ltd., and P.C.S. Forging Co., Ltd., to the Company as holding. As such, the Company shifted its primary business from subsidiary investment to automotive component manufacturing. Currently, the Company has 6 subsidiaries in Germany and Hungary, in addition to its operations in Thailand.


-The Company is listed on the Thailand Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 9, 2023)
Major Shareholders Ownership Interest (%)
Mr. Angkrit Rungrotkitiyot 15.10
Mr. Phon-ek Rungrotkitiyot 15.08
Mr. Siriphong Rungrotkitiyot 15.08
Mr. Banlung Rungrotkitiyot 15.08
Mr. Thibet Rungrotkitiyot 15.08
Ms. Rungsikarn Morin 4.98
Mrs. Wanna Raomanachai 4.29
Bualuang Long-Term Equity Fund 3.44
Mr. Jaturaphat Sirisriatcharaporn 1.57
RBC Investor Services Trust 75/25 1.17
Other 9.13
Total 100.00


-Balance mass units
-Front cover assemblies
-Exhaust manifolds
-Common rails
-Balance shafts
-Idle shafts
-Oil control valves
-Oil jet spray nozzles
-High pressure pump cylinders
-Timing gears
-Exhaust camshaft assemblies
-Camshaft housing assemblies
-Upper oil pans
-Crank cases
-Gear housings
-Accessory brackets
-Oil cooler covers
-Compressor brackets
-Exhaust camshaft gears
-Fuel rails
-Bogie anchorages
-Engine ladder frames
-Clutch housings
-Transmission housings
-Turbocharger turbine housings
-Rack and pinion steering systems
-Wheel hubs
-On-board chargers
-Battery cases
-DC/DC converter cases
-Battery management system cases
-Differential case sets
-Companion flanges
-Reduction gears
-Steering knuckles
-Engine mounting brackets


2002 Incorporated P.C.S. Precision Works Co., Ltd. with initial registered capital of THB 20 million.
2003 Incorporated P.C.S. Forging Co., Ltd. with initial registered capital of THB 200 million.
2004 Incorporated P.C.S. Die Casting Co., Ltd. with initial registered capital of THB 200 million.
2013 Incorporated Company as P.C.S. Machine Group Holding PCL and entered share swap transaction with P.C.S. Precision Works, P.C.S. Forging, and P.C.S. Die Casting, leaving the Company as 100% owners of the three entities.
2014 Publicly listed on the Thailand Stock Exchange.

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