NTN Corporation

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1-3-17, Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-hu, 550-0003, Japan

Business Overview

-Manufactures and sells bearings, constant velocity joints, and precision equipment

-Supplies its products and services to the automotive market, aftermarket, and industrial machinery market. Sales to the automotive industry accounted for 67% of the Company's overall revenue in FY ended March 2020.

-The Company has the largest share of the global hub bearing market and the second largest share of the global constant velocity joint market (according to the Company's own study). It places development focus also on products for electric vehicles.


- Listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (As of Mar. 31, 2020)
Name or Company name Investment Ratio (%)
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust account) 8.64
The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited 4.37
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company 4.22
MUFG Bank, Ltd. 2.85
NTN Kyoueikai 2.85
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust account) 2.44
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust account 5) 1.78
Nippon Life Insurance Company Ltd. 1.73
NTN Employee Stock Ownership Plan 1.71
Total 32.17


-Cageless FA needle roller bearings for rocker arms; HL bearings
-Ring type chain tensioners
-Buttress thread type chain tensioners
-Basic type auto tensioners
-Separate type auto tensioner units
-Pulleys for timing belts
-Long stroke type auto tensioners
-Ultra compact type auto tensioners
-Short type auto tensioners
-Built-in pulley auto tensioner units
-Integrated pulley arm auto tensioner units
-BEAREE for axle works
-BEAREE for tensioners
-Bearings for crank shaft flywheel dampers
-Apex seals for variable valve timing control

Drive Train
-Constant velocity joints for steering systems
-Monoblock tubular shafts
-Electromagnetic mechanical clutch units
-FA tapered roller bearings
-Long life deep grooved ball bearings; TAB bearings
-Auto air hubs
-Spider for cross joints with shell type needle roller bearings
-Constant velocity joints for propeller shafts
-Constant velocity joints for half-shafts

-BEAREE seal rings
-Lead screws with plastic nuts
-Long life deep grooved ball bearings; TAB bearings
-FA tapered roller bearings
-Tapered roller bearings
-GEN 4 hub joints
-GEN 3 hub bearings with integrated active ABS sensors
-GEN 2 hub bearings
-Super-lightweight GEN 3 hub bearings for mini-vehicles
-GEN 1 Tapered roller unit bearings
-GEN 3 orbital forming type hub bearings with magnetized encoders; for non-driven wheels
-GEN 1 Angular unit bearings
-GEN 3 hub bearings
-GEN 3 orbital forming type hub bearings with magnetized encoder; for driven wheels
-GEN 2 tapered roller hub bearing for heavy duty trucks
-GEN 3 hub bearings with brake rotors

-Compact clutch release bearings; CCR
-Pull type clutch release bearings
-Push type clutch release bearings
-Filter sealed ball bearings
-Cylindrical roller bearings with plastic retainer for high axial load use
-Welded cage and roller type needle roller bearings
-Needle roller bearings
-Long life deep grooved ball bearings; TAB bearings
-FA tapered roller bearings
-4T, ET tapered roller bearings for differential gears

-Double-row thrust needle roller bearings for automatic transmissions
-Flanged double row angular ball bearings
-BEAREE seal rings
-Thrust needle roller bearings
-BEAREE seal rings, sleeves
-Ball bearings
-Needles for planetary gears
-Unitized thrust needle roller bearings for irregular applications
-4T, ET tapered roller bearings for differential gears
-Machined-ring needle roller bearings

-Needle roller bearings
-Two-way clutch units
-Ball bearings
-FA tapered roller bearings

-BEARPHITE for wiper motors
-Wipers; BEAREE coated
-BEAREE for sunroofs
-Miniature ball bearings for slide doors
-Cageless needle roller bearings for seat slides
-Drawn-cup needle roller bearings for electrical seat reclining
-Clutches for seat lifter

-BEAREE for distributors
-Ball bearings for turbo chargers
-Auto tensioner units for accessory drive belts
-Pulleys for accessory drive belts
-Long life ball bearings for alternators
-Expansion compensating ball bearings for alternators
-Ball bearings for electromagnetic clutches
-BEAREE seal rings/Tip seals
-Clutch integrated pulley units
-Thrust needle roller bearings for compressors
-Drawn cup needle roller bearings for compressors
-Thrust needle roller bearings for compressors
-Eccentric motion couplings for compressors; EM Couplings
-Drawn-cup needle roller bearings for throttle bodies
-BEARPHITE for motors
-Miniature ball bearings for motors
-Ball bearings for fan clutches
-Constant velocity joints for motor bus air conditioners
-Traction drive type superchargers

System for Electric vehicle (EV)
-One motor type EV drive systems
-In-wheel motor systems
-Steering systems for Steer-by-wire
-Electric motor and actuator
-Electromechanical braking systems


Mar. 1918 Development and manufacturing of ball bearings started at the Nishizono Tekkojo Kuwana-gun Kuwana-cho in Mie Pref.
May 1923 Tomoe Syokai ties up with Nisizono Tekkojo, and both companies begin domestic manufacture and sales bearings, using NTN as a trademark.
Mar. 1976 The Enu Te Enu Hanbai Co. Ltd. is established (currently NTN Co. Ltd.).
Mar. 1927 The Company established the limited partnership NTN Seisakujo.
Mar. 1934 Company organization was changed from limited partnership NTN Seisakujo to limited company.
Jan. 1937 The Company name was changed to Toyo Bearing Mfg. Ltd..
Nov. 1971 The Company name was changed to NTN Toyo Bearing Co., Ltd..
Oct. 1989 Company name was changed to NTN Ltd. merged with Toyo Bearing Nagano Seisakujo.
Sep. 1996 The NTN-BCA Corp. is established in Lititz, USA.
May 1998 The NTN Manufacturing Co, Ltd. is established in Pluakdaeng, Thailand.
Dec. 1998 NTN Transmissions Europe was established in Allonnes, France.
Jun. 2000 The joint venture company established in France with Renault S.A. started production of constant velocity universal joints.
2000 Closed the Hirano factory (in Osaka) and subsequently acquired it. Also acquired NTN Sales and integrated it into the headquarters' sales division.
2000 Strengthened production bases in the United States, Europe, and Asia to meet the needs of globalization based on the four-pole system, that also includes Japan.
2001 Agreed to an all-inclusive tie-up with FAG (of Germany) in the bearings business.
Aug. 2002 Established Shanghai NTN Corporation in Shanghai, China.
Aug. 2002 Established NTN Nidec (Zhejiang) Corporation in Pinghu, China.
Sep. 2002 Established Guangzhou NTN-Yulon Drivetrain Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, China.
Apr. 2004 Established NTN Mie Corporation in Kuwana-shi, Mie Pref. (It turned an affiliated company into a subsidiary, renaming it as NRT Mie.)
Aug. 2004 Established Changzhou NTN-Guangyang Corporation in Changzhou City, China.
Jul. 2005

Established NTN (China) Investment Corporation, in Shanghai, China.

Oct. 2005 Established NTN Manufacturing India Private Limited, in Rewari, India.
Nov. 2005 Established NTN-Nidec (Thailand) Co., Ltd., in Pluakdaeng, Thailand.
Dec. 2005 Established NTN Ina Corp. in Minowa, Nagano, Japan.
Apr. 2006 Invested in IFA-Antriebstechnik G.m.b.H. in Germany
Jul. 2006 Established NTN Fukuroi Corporation in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Feb. 2007 Established NTN-Rab changzhou Corporation in Changzhou City, China.
Mar. 2007 Invested in SNR Roulements in France.
Apr. 2008 Established NTN Houdatsushimizu Corp. in Hakui-gun, Ishikawa, Japan.
Made SNR Roulements its consolidated subsidiary.
Dec. 2010 Established NTN Noto Corporation in Shika-machi, Ishikawa Prefecture.
Jan. 2011 Established NTN-LYC (Luoyang) Bearing Corporation in Luoyang, China.
Oct. 2011 Established Nanjing NTN Corporation in Nanjing, China.
Apr. 2013 Established NTN Manufacturing de Mexico, S.A. DE C.V. in Aguascalientes, Mexico.
Jan. 2014 Established Xiangyang NTN-Yulon Drivetrain Co,. Ltd. in Xiangyang, China.
Jul. 2015 Established NTN Driveshaft Anderson, Inc. in Anderson, U.S.
Dec. 2015 Nippon Kagaku Yakin Co., Ltd. absorbed NTN Powder Metal Corporation, and changed the company name to NTN Advanced Materials Corporation.
Apr. 2018 Changed the name of NTN Bearing Service Co., Ltd. to NTN Sales Japan Co., Ltd
Oct. 2018 Absorbed the operations of three consolidated subsidiaries (NTN Kongo Corporation; NTN Mikumo Corporation, and NTN Precision Plastics Corporation), forming Industrial Equipment Business Kongo Corporation; Automotive Business: Mikumo Corporation; and Compound Materials/Products Business: Precision Plastics Corporation, respectively.
May 2019 Signed an agreement with PT. Inti Ganda Perdana (IGP) of the Astra Group, to establish a joint-venture production plant to manufacture constant-velocity joints, at the KIM Industrial Park in Karawang located in eastern Java Island.

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