Norsk Hydro ASA

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Drammensveien 264, NO-0283 Oslo, Norway

Business Overview

-The Company is a global, fully integrated aluminum company with production, sales and trading activities throughout the value chain. The Company supplies bauxite, alumina, primary aluminum, aluminum casthouse products and fabricated aluminum products.

-The Company's business is divided into six operating segments:

  • Bauxite & Alumina
  • Aluminum Metal
  • Recycling and remelting
  • Rolling
  • Extrusions
  • Energy

-The Company's Rolled Products segment manufactures aluminum sheets and coils for interior and exterior vehicle body parts, chassis applications and other components.


-In September 2017, the Company began the process of delisting its shares from the London Stock Exchange. The Company’s shares were delisted from the London Stock Exchange in October 2017.

List of Company's largest shareholders

-Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (As of Dec. 31, 2020)
Organization Ownership interest (%)
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries 34.3
Folketrygdfondet 7.7
The Vanguard Group, Inc. 2.0
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. 1.9
DNB Asset Management AS 1.4


-Aluminum foundry alloys

  • Wheels
  • Brake components
  • Suspension components
  • Cylinder heads 

-Extrusion ingots
-Sheet ingots
-Remelt ingots

  • Wheel rims
  • Chassis components
  • Cylinder heads

-Aluminum strips and sheets for automotive bodies

  • Outer body panels
  • Visible inner structures
  • Body-in-white structures
  • Hoods
  • Trunk lids
  • Front-ends

-Aluminum strips and sheets for automotive chassis

  • Front and rear subframes
  • Axle links
  • Wheels

-Aluminum strips and sheets for automotive components

  • Seat structures
  • Instrument panel beams
  • Door systems
  • Sunroof systems
  • Seat pans
  • Fuel tanks
  • Compressed-air reservoirs
  • Heat shields
  • Axle stiffening elements

-Aluminum strips and sheets for commercial vehicles

-Rolled aluminium products


1905 Established as Norsk Hydro Elektrisk Kvaelstofaktieselskab, and after that changed its name as a present.
1988 The Company acquired the remaining 30% of the shares in Hydro Aluminum a.s. for a consideration of NOK 1,715 million, including NOK 25 million option fee.
1990 The Company acquired Bohn Aluminum & Brass
1991 The Company acquired the aluminum extrusion and fabrication company Riego Wright S.A. in Spain for an aggregate purchase price of approximately NOK 615 million.
1995 The Company's subsidiary Hydro Aluminum signed a memorandum of understanding to form a joint venture company with Speedline, Italy. The newly formed company, Hyspeed, will be engaged in the casting and production of magnesium wheels in the Venice province in Italy. The Company acquired a 40% interest in Raufoss Automotive A.S. The Company also acquired Portalex Group (aluminum extrusion) in Portugal, and ICI's end user market for carbon dioxide (industrial chemicals) in the United Kingdom, for an aggregate purchase price of NOK 728 million.
1997 The Company acquired the remaining 60% of Raufoss Automotive AS activities
2000 The Company sold 80% of its holdings in Hydro Aluminum Fundo a.s. to Aluminum Wheel Company WLL (Aluwheel) of Bahrain.
2000 The Company acquired 100% of the shares in Wells Aluminum Corporation for a purchase price of NOK 1,352 million.
2002 The Company became the largest aluminium company in Europe, through the takeover of the German aluminium company Vereinigte Aluminiumwerke (VAW).
2004 The Company spun off its fertilizer operation, which became a separately listed company. The Company is concentrating its resources on energy and aluminum.
2006 The Company announced that it would exit the magnesium business through the closure of its magnesium plant in Canada and sales of two other plants
The Company announced the sale of its automotive casting business.
Jul. 2007 Established 50/50 joint venture Qatar Aluminium (Qatalum) with Qatar Petroleum.
2009 The Company sold its Automotive Structures Business to Benteler Group of Germany. The Business manufactures aluminum components, such as bumpers, roll-over protection systems and crash management systems as well as structural parts.
2010 Closed the doors at its aluminium tubing plant in Adrian, Michigan, U.S.
Apr. 2010 Started production at Qatalum.
Nov. 2011 Established 50/50 joint venture of Aluminium Norf GmbH (Alunorf) with Novelis.
Sep. 2013 Formed a 50/50 joint venture by combining the Company's Extruded Products business segment with Orkla ASA's subsidiary Sapa. The new company, Sapa, includes all of the Extruded Products' business activities.
Oct. 2013 Sold Hydro Aluminium Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., its aluminum rolling mill in Malaysia, to Nippon Foil Mfg. Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of UACJ Corporation, based in Japan.
Nov. 2013 Through a wholly owned subsidiary (Brazilian mining group Vale S.A.), sold shares in Hydro.  The company reduced its ownership share from 21.6% to 2.0% of the shares.
May. 2014 Closed its Kurri Kurri aluminum plant in Australia.
Nov. 2014 The company and Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) have closed the deal for Hydro to take over RTA's shares in the aluminum smelter Sor-Norge Aluminium AS (Soral) in Husnes, Norway.
Dec. 2015 Finalized the sale of its aluminum rolling mill, Hydro Aluminum Slim S.p.A., in Cisterna di Latina, Italy.
Oct. 2017 Completed acquisition of Orkla’s 50% ownership in Sapa, giving Hydro full ownership in the global leader in extruded aluminium solutions. Sapa's agreed enterprise value is NOK 27 billion.

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