Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corporation

Company Profile



No. 99 Qingyi Road, Gaoxin, Ningbo, Zhejiang 315040, China

Business Overview

The company is a leading auto parts supplier in China. It was formerly a supplier of engine intake systems and other components based in Ningbo, China.

-Major customers are VW, BMW, Daimler, Audi, Tesla, GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda and other global automakers as well as local brands in China.

-Focuses on four areas: automotive safety systems, Human-machine interaction (HMI), new energy vehicle power control, and connected systems.

  • Automotive Safety Systems
    The company’s main business is focused on Joyson Safety Systems (JSS). The company has sales headquarters in China, Germany, Japan and the United States.
    The company designs, develops and manufactures automotive safety systems such as ADAS, airbags, seat belts, steering, and other components.
    The company provides products to more than 60 companies and more than 300 models worldwide. The Joyson Lingang Plant received a supplier designation notice from Tesla's China in February 2020, supplying products such as airbags, seat belts, and steering for the Model 3 and Model Y produced in China.
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
    This segment handles center consoles, climate controls, sensor systems, ECUs, electronic products for connected cars, etc. Its German subsidiary JOYNEXT is mainly involved in the development of products related to connected systems.
  • New Energy Vehicle Power Control
    It mainly deals with battery management systems, providing solutions for 48V mild hybrids and wireless charging, etc.
    In addition to providing products to BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Geely, etc., the company also provides battery management solutions for VW's MEB platform, Mercedes-Benz's MFA2 platform, and others. Battery management systems for EVs, HEVs and 48V mild hybrid vehicles for Nissan and Ford are already in production.
    It has a partnership with EVE Energy to develop 12V lithium battery systems, 48V lithium battery systems, and high-voltage battery packs.
  • Connected Systems
    Revolves around JOYNEXT (Ningbo Joynext Technology Co., Ltd.).
    It provides intelligent cockpits, connected systems, smart cloud, ADAS and navigation, and software services.

Sold Quin, which handles the vehicle functional parts business, etc.

-At the end of 2020, the business of Ningbo Joyson Quin Automotive System, which handled products including turbocharged engine intake and exhaust systems, steering systems , and interior trims, was sold.

Corporate Transition

-The companies acquired in 2011-2021 are as follows

Consolidation timing Former name of acquired company Business description
2011 Preh GmbH Expand product lineup and accelerate globalization
2014 Quin GmbH Became a global supplier to Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and others in the field of automotive functional components.
2016 KSS Holdings, Inc. Expanded operations of automotive safety business.
2016 TechniSat Digital GmbH, Daun Development and supply of automotive information system modules, expanding business in navigation system, intelligent networks, etc.

Takata (excluding phase stabilized ammonium nitrate gas (PSAN) inflators business)

Expansion of safety system business.

-At the end of 2020, the company completed the transfer of 51% of the shares of Ningbo Joyson Quin Automotive System Co., Ltd.. Since January 2021, Joyson Quin has been excluded from the scope of consolidation of Joyson Electronics.


-Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (As of Dec. 31, 2021)
Company Name Shareholder Ratio
Joyson Group Co., Ltd. 34.85%
Others 65.15%
Total 100%


Automotive Safety Systems (KSS)
Active safety systems
-Autonomous technology

  • Facial recognition technology
  • Driver attention monitoring
  • Occupant positioning sensors
  • Early mechatronic restraint preparedness
  • Surround view vision systems
  • Intelligent sensors
  • ADAS: Advanced Driver Assist Systems
  • Park assist systems
  • Accident recording systems

-Event protection

  • Active body panels
  • Fire suppression protection
  • Rapid interruption mechatronic devices
  • High voltage line cutters

-Integrated safety & electronics

Passive safety systems

  • Driver airbags
  • Passenger airbags
  • Adaptive passenger airbags
  • Pelvis-thorax side airbags
  • Knee airbags
  • Curtain airbags
  • Occupant to Occupant (OTO) airbags


  • Driver inflators
  • Passenger inflators
  • Cold gas inflators
  • Cold gas curtain inflators
  • Side and knee inflators

-Seat belts

  • Seatbelt buckle tension sensor - SBTS
  • Buckles
  • Buckle pretensioners
  • Sill-end pretensioners
  • 3-door sill-end pretensioners
  • Global modular retractors - GMR
  • Compact pretensioner (CPT) retractors
  • Multi-level load limiter (MLL) retractors

-Inflatable seat belts

-Steering wheels

  • Heated steering wheels
  • Airbag integrated steering wheels
  • Integrated electronic steering wheels
  • Solid wood and wood shell steering wheels
  • Leather wrapped steering wheels

Specialty products

HMI:Human–Machine Interface(Preh GmbH)

Climate control systems

Connected car

Driver control systems
-Central control systems
-Center stacks
-Multifunction switches

Sensors systems
-Defogging sensors
-Position sensors

Electronic control units
-Battery management ECUs


E-Mobility power control
BMS (battery management system) solutions for NEVs

48V hybrid BMS products

Wireless charging technology


2004 The Company's predecessor, Ningbo Joyson Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., which was an engine air intake system supplier, was established.
2006 The Company began to supply to VW, GM and Ford.
2007 The Company's predecessor Ningbo Joyson Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. has changed its name into Ningbo Joyson Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., .
2008 The Company was qualified as a Tier 1 supplier of VW and became a global supplier of GM.
2010 The Company established a joint venture called Ningbo Preh Joyson Automotive Electronics Co. with the Preh Group in Germany.
Jun. 2011 The Company successfully acquired the Preh Group. The Company's main business was based in domestic China (Ningbo, Shanghai, Changchun and Chengdu). After acquisition, the Company started businesses in Germany, America, Portugal, Romania and Mexico, which accelerated the Company's globalization process.
Dec. 2011 The Company was listed under the name of Liaoyuan Deheng Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Stock Exchange.
Apr. 2013 Zhejiang Boshen Electronic Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, acquired a 25 percent share in Ningbo Joyson Electronics Co., Ltd. from Boshen (China) Holding Limited for CNY 212.86 million. After the completion of the transaction, Ningbo Joyson Electronics Co., Ltd. became a wholly subsidiary of the Zhejiang Bosen Electronic Co., Ltd..
Aug. 2013 The Company's subsidiary, Preh GmbH, took over the software development company Innoventis GmbH in Wurzburg.
Feb. 2014 The Company's name changed from "Liaoyuan Joyson Electronic Corporation" into "Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corporation".
Mar. 2014 The Company established a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Wuhan Joyson Auto Parts Co., Ltd..
Dec. 2014 The Company announced that it would acquire Germany-based Quin GmbH, a steering and interior parts supplier for luxury vehicles. Joyson Electronics would pay over EUR 90 million for the deal.
Apr. 2015 The Company established a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Joyson Intelligent Car Networking Co., Ltd..
The Company, Ningbo Chancheng Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Nanxin Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. established jointly Ningbo Chancheng Joyson New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd. in Yinzhou, Ningbo.
Jun. 2015 The Company established wholly subsidiary "Ningbo Joyson Preh Intelligent Car Networking Co., Ltd."
Dec. 2015 The Company transfered a 95% stake in Huade Plastics Co., Ltd. it owns jointly with Changchun Joyson Electronic Auto Parts Co., Ltd., its subsidiary, to Ningbo Shengfeite Investment Management Co., Ltd. for CNY 440 million.
The Company acquired all Zhejiang Boshen Electronic Co., Ltd. shares owned by its subsidiary, Changchun Joyson Electronic Auto Parts Co., Ltd., and change the company's name to Ningbo Joyson Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2016 The Company and its German subsidiary, Preh Holding GmbH, jointly acquired the automotive division of TechniSat Digital GmbH, Daun in Germany.
May 2016 Preh IMA Automation GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, announced that it acquired all EVANA Automation shares owned by Phillips Service Industries Inc. for USD 19.5 million.
Jun. 2016 The Company completed the acquisition of Key Safety Systems (KSS).
Dec. 2016 Ningbo Shengxin Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of the Company, established a semiconductor joint venture with Zhongxin Jingyuan Equity Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Beijing IC Design & Packaging Testing Equity Investment.
Jun. 2017 The Company transferred all shares in Preh IMA Automation GmbH, from Preh GmbH, one of the Ningbo Joyson Electronic’s subsidiaries and the current owner of the shares, to PIA Automation Holding GmbH.
The Company's subsidiary, KSS Holdings, Inc., signed a memorandum for asset purchasing with Takata Corp. KSS Holdings will purchase the assets of Takata, excluding those for ammonium nitrate generator business.
Feb. 2018 The Company's new industrial city started operation.
Mar. 2018 The Company completed construction of its Stuttgart R&D Center.
May 2019 The Company renamed its subsidiary, Ningbo Joyson Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., to Ningbo Joyson Quin Automotive System Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2020 Sold a 51% stake in Ningbo Joyson Quin Automotive System Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ningbo Joyson Quin Automotive System Co., Ltd.

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