Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

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Tokyo Bldg., 2-7-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8310, Japan

Business Overview

-The Company is a comprehensive manufacturer of electric devices.

-The Company reorganized its structure on April 1, 2022. The Automotive Equipment Division was positioned under the Industry Mobility Business Area.

Infrastructure Industry Mobility Life Business Platform
Public Utility Systems Group Factory Automation Systems Group Building Systems Group Information Systems & Network Service Group
Energy & Industrial Systems Group Automotive Equipment Group Living Environment & Digital Media Equipment Group Semiconductor & Device Group
Electronic Systems Group

-The Automotive Equipment Division is engaged in manufacturing the following three types of products: powertrain products, autobody control products, and information systems products.


- From April 2022, listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and on the London Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 15.73
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 4.04
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company 3.87
Employees Stockholding 2.18
Nippon Life Insurance Company Ltd. 1.72
Total 39.79


ーElectrification products

  • Inverters
  • 48V ISG system
  • Motor
  • Motor generator
  • EV control units
  • Battery management units
  • Motor control units
  • On-board chargers

-Charging and Starting systems

  • alternators
  • Starters
  • Flywheel AC generators

-Engine management systems

  • Gasoline engine control units
  • Revolution sensors - GMR type
  • Micro airflow sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Intake air temperature sensors
  • Injectors
  • Ignition coils
  • Fuel pump modules
  • Electric EGR valves - stepper motor type
  • Electric EGR valves - DC motor type
  • Air bypass valves
  • Actuator valves for turbocharger
  • Variable Valve Timing actuators & Oil control valves
  • Actuator drive units
  • Purge control solenoid valve
  • Turbo actuator

-Transmission control systems

  • Transmission control units
  • Oil pressure control solenoid valves
  • Oil temperature sensors
  • Pulse generators
  • Electric oil pumps

-ADAS products / Body control products

  • High-definition locator
  • Millimeter-wave radar
  • Smart entry systems
  • Immobilizer units
  • Body control units
  • Air bag control units
  • Ultra sonic corner sensors
  • HID ballast
  • LED control units
  • HID control units
  • Driver monitoring system

-Electric power steering systems

  • Brush motors
  • Brush motor control units
  • Brushless motor control units
  • Brushless Motor Controller Unit RI Type

ーOn-board devices

  • Road traffic information systems
  • Rear seat entertainment systems
  • On-board speakers
  • On-board blue-ray disc players
  • Driver monitoring system

ーITS Products

  • On-board units for Electric Toll Collection system
  • On-board units for Dedicated Short Range Communication


Jan. 1921 Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. (now called Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.) spun off a factory in Kobe, thereby establishing the Company.
Feb. 1943 The Company established the Fukuyama Plant (now called Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Fukuyama Works).
Feb. 1944 The Company established the Himeji Plant (now called Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Himeji Works).
Mar. 1944 The research division of the Company was made into a research center (now called the Advanced Technology R&D Center).
May. 1949 The Company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange.
May. 1964 The Company established the Mita Plant (now called Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Mita Works) to manufacture small opening and closing devices.
Aug. 1965 The Company established the Research Division (now called the Corporate Research and Development Group)
Aug. 1970 The Company set up the Manufacturing Engineering Research Center (now called the Manufacturing Engineering Center) to integrate production engineering activities focused on hardware.
Jun. 1981 The Company established the Information Electronic Research Center (now called the Information Technology Center) to strengthen development activities on information processing and transmission, and lightwave and radiowave technology.
Jun. 1990 The Company established the Automotive Equipment Group.
Jun. 1994 The Company reorganized its production operations into nine groups: the Energy and Industrial Systems Group, Public Utility Systems Group, Electronic Systems Group, Communication Systems Group, Image Information Group, Living Environment Group, Factory Automation Systems Group, Automotive Equipment Group, and Semiconductor and Device Group.
Aug. 1996 The Company established Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology Center America (now called Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories) in the U.S.
Sep. 1996 The Company set up Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology Center Europe to conduct development activities in Europe.
Jun. 1997 The Company integrated its sales companies in European countries including the U.K., Germany, and France, and established Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV.
Oct. 1998 The Company established Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. as a holding company to facilitate its business in China.
Apr. 2003 The Company and Hitachi, Ltd. jointly established Renesas Technology to focus on LSI design development.
Apr. 2010 A merger between Renesas Technology and NEC Electronics gave birth to Renesas Electronics Corporation.
Mar. 2013 Established Mitsubishi Electric Automotive de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. to manufacture and sell automotive electric parts/devices; in Queretaro, Mexico.
Apr. 2022 Established four business areas: infrastructure, industry mobility, lifestyle, and business platforms.

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