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Isringhausen-Ring 58, 32657 Lemgo, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company is a manufacturer of seating systems for commercial vehicles as well as technical springs.

-The Company has the production of 4 million seat systems annually.

-The Company is one of the affiliate companies of Aunde Group, which specializes in manufacturing upholstery and technical textiles for the automotive industry. 

The Aunde Group is composed of four brands: Aunde, Isringhausen, Fehrer, and Reinert.


Seat components


1919 Started the manufacture of technical springs in Bielefeld.
1970 ISRI seats for commercial vehicles are exported for the first time.
1979 Produced the first pneumatically suspended driver's seat with automatic weight adjustment.
1987 Started to supply of ISRI seats with an integrated 3-point belt system.
1991 AUNDE took over the major share of the Company.
1992 Supplied the first driver's seat with electronic active control, or EAC.
1993 Supplied the first factory-fitted truck driver's seat with fully electrically adjustable controls.
1997 Started the series production of the first truck driver's seat with an integrated memory function.
2001 Started the series production of the new ISRI Seat Generation NTS.
2002 Introduced the new NTS bus seat.
2005 Opened the facilities in China and Turkey.
2011 Started series production of the new generation ISRI seats with integrated 3-point safety belt for US American standard.
2013 Acquired Asientos Esteban, the Passenger Seats product line was integrated under the ISRINGHAUSEN brand.
2018 Opened a facility in Lemgo, Germany.

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