HASCO Vision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Formerly Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp Co., Ltd.)

Company Profile




No.767, Yecheng Road, Jiading, Shanghai 201821, China

Business Overview

-The Company specializes in providing automotive lighting electronics and vision technology solutions to global auto manufacturers. The Company’s products are available in 6 series and over 500 varieties. More than 40 varieties of products are exported to the United States, Europe, Japan and other international markets. The company currently has 7 production bases and a total of 7 overseas R&D centers in the United States, Japan, Germany, etc. The company has more than 6,600 employees.

-Established in 1989, the Company has a registered capital of CNY 7.4 billion. It specializes in the research, development and manufacture of automotive lamps. Its major customers include SAIC VW, SAIC GM, Chang'an Group, FAW VW, SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Nissan, and Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd.

-The Company was a joint venture of Huayu Automotive Systems Company Limited, Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Japan and Toyota Tsusho Corporation. On September 29, 2017, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Huayu Automotive Systems Company Limited. On March 28, 2018, the Company officially changed its name to Huayu Vision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.(now HASCO Vision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.). It plans to upgrade its business scope from automotive lamps to automotive lighting systems and visual perception systems.


-Unlisted Company (As of Dec. 31, 2021)
Shareholders Shareholding Ratio (%)
Huayu Automotive Systems Co. Ltd. (HASCO) 100


Combination head lamps
Rear combination lamps
Head lamps
Rear lamps
Tail lamps
Front fog lamps
Rear fog lamps
Dome lamps
Front turn signal lamps
Side turn signal lamps
Front side marking lamps
Trunk lamps
License plate lamps
High mounted stop lamps
Reading lamps
Make-up lamps
Glove trunk lamps
Position lamps
Pedal lamps


1989 Keeping the former Shanghai Automotive Lamp Factory as the base organization, the company was established as a joint venture among three companies: Shanghai Automotive Co., Ltd.; Koito Manufacturing; and Toyota Tsusyo.
1996 The Company constructed a new factory in the Jia Ding District of Shanghai City.
Dec.1997 Established Chongqing Koito Automotive Lamp Co., Ltd. in Chongqing City.
April 1999 Began supplying automotive lamps to Shanghai GM.
Oct. 2001 The company's R&D center in Shanghai started operations.
Dec. 2004 Established a new plant in Yantai City, Shangdong Province.
Apr. 2007 Started operations of the third plant.
Mar. 2010 Acquired 51% shares of Jilin Dongguang Ruibao Automotive Lamp Co., Ltd. 
Sep. 2013 The Company's parent company, Koito Manufacturing, restarted construction of an automotive lighting production line in Guangzhou new plant.
Jul. 2014 The Company's parent company, Koito Manufacturing, established a new plant, Hubei Koito Automotive Lamp Co., Ltd..
Mar. 2018 The Company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huayu Automotive Systems Company Limited. It changed its name to "Huayu Vision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd."
Jul. 2018 The Company established a smart car lamp project in the Liuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Changsha, Hunan Province. The project is the Company’s 7th manufacturing site under construction.
Sep. 2019 The Company established HASCO Vision Technology Japan Co., Ltd.

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