Hankook Tire & Technology Co., Ltd. (Formerly Hankook Tire Co., Ltd.)

Company Profile




286 Pangyo-ro, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Business Overview

-Korea's No. 1 tire manufacturer. The company holds a 30-40% share of the passenger car tire market in Korea (reported by the Company).

-The Company’s businesses are divided into two segments as shown below.

Segments Major products
Tire segment Tires for passenger cars, trucks, buses, industrial vehicles
Non-Tire segment Tire manufacturing equipment, Tire molds

ーIn May 2019, Hankook Tire Co., Ltd. changed its name to Hankook Tire & Technology Co., Ltd.

-Brand Portfolio

  • Luxury/Sports car: Ventus
  • EV: iON
  • SUV: Dynapra
  • Fuel-efficient:  Kinergy
  • Winter: Winter
  • Trucks and buses: Smart


(As of Dec. 31, 2022)

Major Shareholders Shareholding Ratio (%)

Hankook & Company Co., Ltd.


(*) Including shares held by the Company


-EV tires
-Passenger car tire
-SUV tires
-Light trucks tire
-Trucks and bus tires
-Runflat tires
-Winter tires
-Summer tires
-All-season tires




May. 1941 The Company was established as Chosun Tire Industrial Co., Ltd.
Feb. 1968 The Company changed the company name to Hankook Tire Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1968 The Company was listed on the Korea Stock Exchange.
May. 1979 The Company started operations at the Daejon Plant.
Nov. 1982 The Company established an R&D center.
Mar. 1994 The Company acquired ISO9001 certification.
Jun. 1996 The Company established Hankook Tire China Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang, China.
Aug. 1996 Geumsan plant started test operations.
Sep. 1996 The Company established Jiangsu Hankook Tire Co., Ltd in Jiangsu, China.
Oct. 1996 The Company established the Akron Technical Center in Ohio, U.S.A.
Apr. 1997 The Company established the Europe Technical Center (ETC) in Hannover, Germany.
Sep. 1997 The Company acquired QS9000 certification.
Jul. 1998 The Company established the China Technical Center.
Feb. 1999 The Company changed the company name to Hankook Tire Co., Ltd.
Feb. 1999 Geumsan plant acquired ISO14001 certification.
May. 2003 The Company acquired ISO/TS16949 certification.
Oct. 2005 The Company decided to built a plant in Hungary.
Oct. 2005 The Company was chosen as Ford's strategic partner.
May. 2006 The Company established the China Technical Center (CTC) in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China.
Mar. 2007 The Company produced 100 millionth tire in China.
Jun. 2007 Hungary plant began its operations.
Nov. 2010 The Company established Chongqing Hankooktire Co., Ltd. in Chongqing, China.
Sep. 2012 The Company was to span off as a separate tyre business from the rest of Hankook's operations, mainly investment activities.
Sep. 2013 Indonesia plant began its operations.
Jun. 2015 The Company acquired 19.49 percent shares of Hanon System Corp. of Korea from Visteon.
Oct. 2016 Held an opening ceremony for Hankook Technodome research center in Daejeon, Korea.
Feb. 2017 Established a winter tire test facility, called Technotrac, in Ivalo, Finland.
Oct. 2018 Tennessee plant began its operations.
May. 2019 The Company changed the company name to Hankook Tire & Technology Co., Ltd.

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