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Ipsley House, Ipsley Church Lane, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 0TL, UK

Business Overview

-The Company is a financial entity specializing in the acquisition and improvement of underperforming companies. GKN, a company that was previously acquired, is a global engineering business headquartered in the UK that designs, manufactures and services systems primarily for the automotive and aerospace markets.

-In March 2018, the Company was successful in a takeover of GKN for GBP 8 billion. 52.4% of GKN’s shareholders accepted the Company’s hostile offer by the March 29 deadline. Once the takeover was completed, the Company made a series of legally binding commitments to the future of the GKN entity, ensuring specific investments in research and development as well as an assurance of the company remaining headquartered in the UK.

-Upon its acquisition of GKN, the Company restructured itself in to the following operating segments:

  • GKN Aerospace
  • GKN Automotive
  • GKN Powder Metallurgy
  • Nortek Air & Security
  • Other Industrial

-GKN Automotive is a global market leader in several of its product segments. Based on 2018 sales and deliveries, GKN Automotive had a 47% market share in driveshafts and a 30% market share in all-wheel-drive units. GKN Automotive also has a cumulative 14% market share in electric drive systems. Under the GKN Powder Metallurgy division, GKN Sinter Metals is the global leader in the production of precision automotive components, while GKN Hoeganaes is the world’s second largest manufacturer of metal powder.

-The Company’s divisions relevant to the automotive industry are as follows:

Division Major Products Major Competitors
GKN Automotive -CVJ systems
-AWD systems
-eDrive systems
-American Axles
-Hyundai WIA
-IFA Rotorion
GKN Powder Metallurgy -Sintered components for engines and gearboxes
-Sintered bearings and filters
-Metal injection molded components
-Soft magnetic components for use in electric motors
-Fine Sinter
-Hitachi Metals
-PMG Sinter
-Sumitomo Electric Industries


-The Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

-On March 29, 2018, the Company was successful in the takeover and acquisition of GKN, which included GKN Automotive and GKN Powder Metallurgy. Upon its acquisition, GKN was decentralized into different divisions now comprising parts of the Company.


GKN Driveline
CVJ systems
-Sideshaft solutions
-Propshaft systems
-Fixed joints
-Interconnecting shafts
-Ball plunging joints
-SIO joints
-Monobloc tubular shafts
-Countertrack joints
-Sealing systems

Transaxle solutions
-Open differentials
-Limited slip & locking differentials
GKN ePowertrain
eDrive electric driveline solutions
-Single-speed eAxles
-Multi-speed eAxles
-Co-axial eAxles
-Multimode eTransmissions
-Modular electric drive systems for compact, mid-size and large electric vehicles
-Integrated eDrive systems

All-wheel-drive solutions
-Power transfer units
-AWD couplings
-Final drive units
-Twinster intelligent torque vectoring systems
-Active Connect intelligent AWD disconnect systems
-Booster all-wheel-drive systems
-Complete all-wheel drive systems for small- and medium-size vehicles
-Intelligent on-demand all-wheel drive systems

GKN Powder Metallurgy
Engine components
-Balance shaft counterweights
-Camshaft components
-Connecting rods
-Engine gears
-Injector clamps
-Main bearing caps
-Camshaft caps
-Tombstone camshaft caps
-Sensor rings
-Timing drive pulleys and sprockets
-Turbo/supercharger components
-Valve cam/valve timing components
-Valve guides
-Valve seat inserts
-Valve train roller finger followers
-WT stator-sprockets

Transmission components
-Parking gears
-Planetary carriers
-Clutch hubs
-Clutch races
-Clutch plates
-One way clutches
-Thrust pressure plates
-Sensor rings
-Synchronizer rings
-Synchronizer hubs
-Turbine hubs
-Shift system components
-Torque converter one-way clutch races and assemblies

Body & chassis components
-ABS sensor rings
-Brake system components
-Seat adjustment components
-Seat belt components
-Passenger and pedestrian safety components
-Steering system components
-Electric power steering components
-Electric steering motor pulleys
-Exhaust system components
-Gears and gear drives
-Interior application components
-Shock absorber components
-Shock absorber PTFE banded pistons
-Window lift components
-Mirror and sensor mounting fixtures

-Differential bearing adjuster lock nuts
-Differential bearing caps
-Differential bevel gears
-Cam rings
-Inner/outer races
-One Way Clutch (OWC) components
-Raveneaux carrier assembly
-Ring gears
-Differential gears
-eDrive gears
-Transfer case components

Fluid technology
-Compressor components
-Gear pump components
-Planetary rotor pumps
-Vacuum pump components
-Variable vane pump components
-G-rotor pumps
-Variable oil pumps

-Dry bushings
-Self-lubricating bearings
-Cylindrical bearings
-Distance bushings
-Double bearings
-Flange bearings
-Spherical bearings

-Actuator housings (doors, latches, closures)
-Axial flux motor and generator components
-Auxiliary eMotor components
-Electromagnetic clutch and brake components
-Heat sinks
-Linear motor components
-Radial flux motor and generator components
-Sensor components
-Solenoid components
-Transversal flux motor generator components

Materials for powder metallurgy
-High purity iron powders
-Sinter hardening and diffustion alloys
-Low alloy powders
-High-performance Ancorbond alloys

Materials for additive manufacturing
-AncorTi titanium powders


1900 Established in Great Britain in 1900 as Great Keen &Co. by merger of Guest & Co. and The Patent Nut & Bolt Co.
1902 Name changed to Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds, PLC upon acquisition in 1902 of the screw and wire manufacturing business founded by John Sutton Nettlefold. Present name adopted in June 1986.
Aug. 2001 The demerger of the Company's industrial services businesses to Brambles Industries plc and the combination (by way of a dual listed companies structure) of Brambles industries plc with Brambles Industries Limited.
Feb. 2005 Entered into an agreement to form a new company in China with Henan Zhongyuan Engine Fittings Stock Company Limited (ZYNP).
Completed the acquisition of the 51 % equity interest that it does not already own in Velcon S.A. de C.V. (Velcon), its Mexican constant velocity joint venture.
2006 Opened a manufacturing operation in China. The new business - GKN Zhongyuan Cylinder Liner Company Limited (GKNZ) - is a joint venture between the Company, which holds 59 % of the company and Henan Zhongyuan Engine Fittings Stock Company Limited which holds 41 %.
Jan. 2007 Closed GKN Sheepbridge Stokes Ltd, the UK cylinder liner business.
Feb. 2008 Built a new production facility in Oragadam, India
Oct. 2008 GKN Driveline Torque Technology has started volume production of transmission differentials at its new facility in Pudong, Shanghai, China.
Sep. 2011 Acquired Getrag's Driveline Products Business (comprising Getrag Corporation based in U.S. and Getrag All Wheel Drive AB based in Sweden).
2012 Held a ground breaking ceremony for a new manufacturing facility for GKN Sinter Metals in Yizheng Ltd. in Jiangsu Province, China.
Apr. 2014 Acquired the entire issued share capital of Williams Hybrid Power Limited (WHP) from Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited.
Jul. 2014 Divested remaining 50% share of Emitec (50/50 with Continental) to Continental.
Jul. 2015 Formed joint venture through the Company’s GKN Powder Metallurgy division with Hongsheng Industrial Company Ltd. to produce ferrous powders.
Mar. 2018 Melrose Industries plc was successful in its takeover of GKN plc for GBP 8 billion.

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