Archives of Past Exhibits: GKN Plc

2015 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Twinster twin clutch rear drive module

Installed vehicle: Ford "Focus RS" Land Rover "Range Rover"

Two-speed eAxle

Installed vehicle: BMW "i8"

High performance eAxle

Co-axial eAxle

eDrive Twinster

Multimode eTransmission

Axial flux motor


Power transfer unit (PTU) disconnect

Rear drive unit with electronic torque manager (ETM)

Open differential

Ballspline sideshaft with SX8

Front sideshaft

Rear sideshaft

Rear sideshaft with face spline

Two-piece propshaft


Hydrogen storage unit

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2015

All-wheel drive system

Installed vehicle: SAIC “MG GS” -The first all-wheel drive system is designed, developed and produced in China.

Multimode eTransmission

Coaxial eAxle

Axial flux motor

2-speed eDrive

Rear drive unit

Power transfer unit disconnect


High performance eAxle


Rear drive module with electronic torque manager (ETM)

Open differential & forged powder metallurgical gears

Electric power steering powder metallurgical parts

Cam rings

Start stop powder metallurgical parts

Variable valve timing metallurgical parts

Variable vane pump powder metallurgical parts

Planetary carrier

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2013

Single-speed eAxle

Two-speed eAxle

Axial flux motor

Multi-mode eTransmission

One-piece front propshaft

ECO2 twinster

Electro-magnetic control device

Rear drive module with electronic torque manager

Power transfer unit disconnect

Compact rear sideshaft

Front sideshaft for small vehicle application

VVT component

Camshaft assembly

Connecting rod

Synchronizer hub

Transmission gears

EPS steering components

Shock absorber components

Differential gears

Open differential

Electronic locking differential

Electronic torque vectoring

2012 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Flull hybrid, eDrive and hang-on AWD eAxies

Electric Drive Transmission

Axial Flux Electric Motor

Delhi Auto Expo 2012

Final Drive Unit

FF Drive Unit

Side Shaft Gli-bar shaft-Gli

Installed Vehicles: Tata "Nano"

Fixed Ball Joint, Interconnecting Shafts, and Steering Joint

eTransmission with eMotor

Electric Motor


Delhi Auto Expo 2010

Two piece propshaft

One piece aluminium propshaft

Composite propshaft







Installed vehicle : Tata "Nano"


Power transfer unit

Helical limited slip differential

Super limited slip differential

Multi-plate limited slip differential

Electric drive axle

Face spline connection