Faurecia Clarion Electronics Co., Ltd.

Company Profile




7-2 Shintoshin, Chuo-ku Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken, 330-0081, Japan

Business Overview

-A major car-audio and car-navigation systems manufacturer under the umbrella of Faurecia.

-Major business segments:

  • Safety and information systems
  • Automotive cloud-information network services
  • Drive-management systems for commercial/business vehicles
  • Car navigation, car audio

-The company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Faurecia in March 2019 and changed its current name to "Faurecia Clarion Electronics" in January 2021.


-Unlisted company


-Active noise control systems
-Exciters for automotive interior sound surfaces to create a speakerless solution
-Digital sound tuning systems
-Sound and smart headrests with integrated speakers and microphones
-Near infrared cameras
-Thermal cameras
-Radar sensors
-Biometric sensors
-Sensor data fusion systems
-Artificial intelligence technologies
-Cockpit domain controllers utilizing system-on-a-chip architecture
-In-vehicle infotainment systems
-Rear seat infotainment systems
-Quadview multi-view graphical interface
-Infotainment systems compatible with virtual personal assistants
-HMI systems
-Universal remote tuners
-Android-based app library
-Rear and surround view systems
-Camera and lidar cleaning systems
-Automated parking assist systems
-Autonomous pickup solutions
-Large display systems up to 1.5 meters in length
-Flexible display appearances including flat and curved structures
-Color matching display technologies
-Advanced backlighting display technologies
-Touch-sensitive displays
-Force sensing displays
-Displays with active and passive haptic feedbacck technologies
-Optical bonding technologies


Dec. 1940 Founded as Hakusan Wireless Electric Company in Hakusan, Tokyo, to manufacture battery-operated radios for household use.
Nov. 1943 Renamed as Teikoku Radio Wave Company, after merging with Takizawa Radio Equipments Ltd.
Oct. 1948 Became the first company in Japan to develop, manufacture, and sell car radios and loudspeakers for buses.
Aug. 1962 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Oct. 1963 The first company in Japan to develop car stereos.
Apr. 1995 Established a manufacturing company, Dongguan Clarion Orient Electronics Co., Ltd. in China.
Oct. 1996 Spun-off its Advertising Division and established Clarion Ad Planning Co. Ltd.
Oct. 1997 Established a manufacturing company, Clarion Hungary Electronics Kft. in Hungary.
Dec. 1997 Established a parts manufacturing company, Precision Metal S. A. de C. V. in Mexico.
Jan. 1998 Jointly developed the world's first in-vehicle computing system, "Clarion AutoPC" with Microsoft.
Mar. 1998 Jointly developed GPS receivers with Rockwell company, in USA.
Oct. 1998 Spun-off its Distribution division and established Clarion Logistics Co. Ltd.
Jan. 1999 Developed disc drives for in-vehicle computing system in technological cooperation with IBM.
Aug. 1999 Jointly developed ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) with Hitachi, Ltd.
Oct. 1999 Became an OEM supplier for AutoPC for Citroen
Mar. 2000 Established Clarion sales Co., Ltd..
Apr. 2000 Established Clarion Device Co., Ltd.. Obtained ISO-14001 certification.
Sep. 2000 Jointly announced with Aisin AW, Xanavi Informatics, Denso, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and Microsoft Product Development Ltd. that they would standardize components for "Microsoft Windows CE for Automotive" that will be the basis for in-vehicle communication systems. The company also announced they would establish "Windows CE for Automotive Forum," with the goal of achieving component compatibility among the manufactures.
Dec. 2001 Established a joint venture for in-vehicle information equipment between Hitachi, Clarion and Xanavi Informatics.
May 2001 Relocated headquarters to Hakusan Branch (5-35-2, Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo).
Jul. 2001 Introduced executive officer system.
Sanwa Clarion and Nihonmatsu Clarion merged into Clarion Tohoku manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2001 Consolidated 4 manufacturing companies in Mexico into one company.
Mar. 2002 Started sales of North American Sirius satellite broadcast radio receivers.
Sep. 2002 Moved the head office to Toda-city in Saitama prefecture.
Oct. 2002 The Production dept. from Clarion Co. Ltd. and Clarion Logistics Co. Ltd. were consolidated into Clarion Tohoku Seizo Co., Ltd., which then adopted the name Clarion M&L Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2002 Released the first AutoPC called the CADIAS in the Japanese market.
Feb. 2003 Started supplying the world's first rear overhead-camera systems to Nissan.
Jun. 2003 Released a HDD AV navigation system.
Aug. 2003 Supplied CD car audio systems to Shanghai-GM of China.
Feb. 2004 Developed the world's first in-vehicle terminals using Linux and Java (TM). (The J2ME CDC for commercial vehicles.)
Jun. 2004 Released an AV navigation system with a seven-inch wide screen.
Jan. 2005 In North America, released an AV unit that offers a "virtual" iPod screen display, making it possible to control iPods.
Mar. 2005 The Company developed AV navigation systems for all Porsches sold by Porsche Japan.
May. 2005 The Company developed the industry's first iPod compatible integrated AV HDD navigation system for the domestic market.
Jun. 2006 The Company developed car navigation systems for the aftermarket in China and North America.
Dec. 2006 Hitachi, Ltd. became the Company's parent corporation.
Jan. 2007 The Company acquired 100 percent of the capital in Xanavi Informatics Corporation, making it its wholly owned subsidiary.
The Company supplied its car audio systems to Toyota brand vehicles assembled by Daihatsu on an outsourcing basis.
Aug. 2007 The Company relocated its headquarters to Saitama Shintoshin, naming the new facility its Corporate Headquarters & Technology Center.
Dec. 2007 NASA selected to use the Company's AV center unit, which comes with a DVD system that includes a 7-inch wide monitor and a 6-disk DVD changer.
Nov. 2008 Released the Clarion MiND mobile communication device in North America.
Apr. 2009 Took over Xanavi Infomatics, which was its wholly owned subsidiary, and absorbed the operations into it own.
Apr. 2010 Merged Clarion Manufacturing Protech Co., Ltd. and Clarion Service Co., Ltd. and renamed the combined company Clarion Manufacturing and Service Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2010 Company's headquarters were located to Saitama Shintoshin City and were renamed the Headquarters & Technology Center. 
Mar. 2011 Developed the world's first full-digital speaker designed for vehicles.
Mar. 2011 The Hakusan Branch and Zama Office were consolidated and relocated at Saitama Shintoshin city, becoming the new Headquarters Offices.
Jun. 2012 Created Smart Access, a cloud-based information network service designed for automotive use, launching the service in Japan and North America.
Launched sales of a car navigation system designed to work with Smart Access, a cloud-based information network service.
Dec. 2012 Launched a series of new, fully digital speaker systems.
Developed an onboard, fully digital AV navigation/speaker system; and portable fully digital speaker.
Jun. 2013 Developed a speaker to be fully built into cabin-interior ceilings.
Oct. 2013 Developed car navigation system that can be operated with cloud-based speech-recognition query function.
Apr. 2014 Developed two 2.4GHz digital, wireless camera systems for commercial vehicles.
Jun. 2014 Developed navigation systems compatible with Intelligent VOICE, a voice recognition system compatible with natural, conversational speech.
Developed Surround Eye, a safety-assist system for trucks and buses.
Apr. 2015 Launched sales of SOLID-AD1, an onboard Android unit for commercial/business-use vehicles.
Apr. 2016 Released "Full Digital Sound" on-board sound system in Japan, the U.S., Europe, and Australia. 
May. 2016 Established Wuhan Clarion Kotei Software Technology Co., a joint-venture company with Wuhan KOTEI Informatics Co., Ltd., a software-development company based in China.
Oct. 2017 Supplied ECUs for automatic parking systems to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2019 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Faurecia.
Jan. 2021 Changed the current name to "Faurecia Clarion Electronics".

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