Sumitomo Bakelite Exhibit Highlights


Automotive World 2016

Anode material for lithium ion battery

Special molding compound
for HEV/EV motor magnet fixing
Products for next generation personal mobility
-Used for the motors of Toyota "Prius" Close-up: [1] [2]

Special molding compound for ECU module
-Furthermore application to large size ECU direct molding
-Direct molded control board with flexible printed wiring board

Silver paste for circuit
Molding compounds for 3D-MID (Molded interconnect device)

Special molding compound for power module
CRC coated wafer

Molding compound for semiconductors
-Used in rare earth less motor drive system

Epoxy resin-based electric insulation powder
Circuit material with thick Cu
-Application of epoxy resin-based electric insulation powder used in motor rotors to bus bars

Motor rotor
Bus bar
-Improves 3D circuit forming efficiency

12W/m・K high thermal conductivity insulating sheet
Silver sintering paste

Waterproof and dust protective film
Adhesion strength model

SBHPP composite brake caliper concept
Resin for disk brake pad
-Weight compared with conventional product

Engineering thermoset polymer composite for engine housing

Long fiber reinforced thermoset moldable compounds
High dimensional accuracy phenolic molding compound
Phenolic compound for sliding application

Advanced wet-laid nonwoven forming technology
Metal-thermoset composite integration technology

Plastic molding technology
Recycling of phenolic products
Alt. angle: [1] [2] [3]

Direct molding material for electric modules

Optical circuit products

Circuit materials for car electrical equipment
Plastic substrate for flexible display
-Used for PCB of Toyota "Alphard" power window regulator switch
Close-up: [1] [2]

Optical sheet for combiner
Epoxy molding compound
Polycarbonate polarizer
Profile of Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.