Sekisui Chemical Exhibit Highlights


Automotive World 2016

Interlayer films for laminated glass Enhanced solar control film
-S-LEC sound acoustic film
-S-LEC film
-S-LEC solar control film
-Under development

Luminous PVB (Polyviny Butyral) High expansion foam molding
(Interior parts such as door trim)
-Under development
-Information shown on all part of the front glass
-Information except fundamental information on HUD (example: Alarm/Entertainment) with green color
-Press release: Dec. 2015
-Start of Sales: 2018
-Produced by: Sekisui Techno Molding Co., Ltd.
-Competitor: Toyota Boshoku, Kasai Kogyo, etc.
-Wall thickness: from 1.35mm
 (Competitor: from 1.70mm)
-Applied for SUV deck and delivered.
-Applied for door trim, and in A company's spec.
-35% lighter than conventional one
Alt. angle

Electron beam cross-linked form
"Softlon SP" "Exseal"
High performance polymer particles "Micropearl"
-Exseal offers high level of waterproof by repulsion & surface adhesion. -Gap control of electronic parts and power IC.
-Example: Used for pressure sensor
Silver corrosion test

Nano metal coating technology "masa"
-Electro conductive film
Profile of Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.